HMS Robotics team wins excellence award


The Hillsboro Middle School Robotics teams recently competed at the Great Oaks VEX Challenge. In the first year of the robotics program many students have been challenged in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Focusing around the engineering design process, the teams must build, program and record its findings.

Students prepared their design by reading the rules and regulations for this year’s challenge, Nothing But Net, and from there they began to build their robots. After construction, students programmed and tested their robots, ­ which led to more improvements.

Each group of students is responsible for maintaining an engineering notebook, which describes their entire building and thought processes from start to finish.

One group of students was honored by receiving the VEX Robotics Competition Excellence Award ­ Middle School Division.

According to the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, “The Excellence Award is given to the overall top team. It is the highest honor given out in the VEX Robotics Competition. The recipient of this award is a team that exemplifies overall excellence in creating a high quality VEX robotics program. This team excels in many areas and is a strong contender in numerous award categories, this team deserves to be recognized for building a quality robotics program and a ‘team’ committed to quality in everything that they do.”

This award qualifies the group for state competition.

The coaches, Mr. Crowder, Mr. Amore and Mrs. Armstrong, would like to thank all of the robotics team members and congratulate the Excellence Award group. They would also like to extend their appreciation to Hillsboro City Schools, the board of education, the parents of team members, and the community for providing this opportunity to the students.

This group of young engineers will be diligently preparing and planning for the upcoming state competition in March.

If you have any suggestions for the robotics team, please contact T.J. Crowder at tcrowder@hcs­​, or call the school and ask for one of the other coaches.

Submitted by Timothy Crowder.

Pictured above are Andy (Great Oaks), Coltin, Audie, Tanner, Blake and Rob (Depco LLC). above are Andy (Great Oaks), Coltin, Audie, Tanner, Blake and Rob (Depco LLC).

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