Sheriff warns residents of scams


Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera is warning local residents to be aware of scams that he’s heard are circulating through the area.

“I have been advised that community members have been receiving telephone calls asking individuals to help the sheriff’s office fund OVI Check Points and to please send money. Ladies and gentlemen of Highland County, this is absolutely not true,” Barrera said in a news release. “Please do not send any money or give any personal or other information, should you receive such a call.”

Barrera said the sheriff’s office has also received information that tax season scams are starting again.

“It has been brought to my attention that community members are receiving telephone calls, supposedly from the IRS, stating the receiver of the call has not paid taxes, and that if they do not send a certain amount of money, that the IRS will arrest them for not paying taxes,” Barrera said. “For individuals who may actually owe money to the IRS, the IRS will not call you on the telephone.”

If anyone have any questions or concerns about either scam they are asked to call the Highland County Sheriff’s Office at 937-393-1421.

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