Rosenberger joins GOPAC Advisory Board


Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) has been selected to serve on the GOPAC Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, which is composed of state Senate and House leaders who provide guidance and support to bolster the GOPAC’s mission to educate and elect a new generation of Republican leaders.

“Speaker Rosenberger is a valuable addition to our national Legislative Leaders Advisory Board as we educate and elect a new generation of leaders. His championing ideas to lower taxes, support job creation and strengthen our personal security will be of much interest to state leaders across the country. Further, we welcome his involvement in our electing candidates who will work to advance personal and economic freedom,” said chairman David Avella.

“It is an honor to join GOPAC’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board,” Rosenberger said. “As we have seen especially in recent years, promoting and enacting Republican policies at the state and local levels has made a tremendously positive difference all across the nation. It is critical that Republicans and conservatives continue to champion our ideas and support candidates that will preserve the principles of limited government and individual freedom.”

The Legislative Leaders Advisory Board helps promote successful ideas and policies that Republicans are implementing at the state level, which lead to more private sector jobs, more effective government at lower costs and lower taxes. Members of the advisory board, selected for their exceptional leadership in promoting conservative ideas and dedication to electing Republican candidates, keep GOPAC updated on key legislative and political developments within their state in addition to addressing elected officials, candidates, and GOPAC supporters at GOPAC events.

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