Updated: There’s an app for that election question


Updated with more details on finding the app.

Need to verify that you’re registered to vote? Wonder where your polling location is located? These days, naturally, there’s an app for that.

Steve Witham, elections administrator at the Highland County Board of Elections, said this week that local residents can download a free smart phone app that is capable of answering a number of questions and help people verify information about voting and elections in Highland County and the rest of Ohio.

The app can be found by searching a mobile app store for TRIAD Governmental Systems Inc. and then dowloading the “Ohio Voter Info” app. The application “has been designed to assist Ohio registered voters find their polling location and other election related material by county,” according to an online description from iTunes.

Voters can check the status of their registration as well as sample ballots from the app. They can look up the status of absentee ballots and find their polling location with what are described as easy-to-use functions included in the app.

“The counties contained in the drop down box from the app are all of the counties supported by this app. If the county is not listed in the drop down box, simply go to www.electionsonthe.net and locate the county’s home page by selecting the county shape,” according to the description.

Witham said the app can also be used to notify voters of last-minute polling problems or issues such as wrecks that might delay a person’s ability to reach the polls.


By Gary Abernathy

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