Letter to the Editor: Politically, Cash was better than Elvis


To The Editor:

My own recent thoughts on your Meryl Streep and Elvis oped.

Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake in your wording? Why didn’t you just go ahead and say “airhead Democrat actors?” I bet if Mel Gibson, Sly Stallone or Clint Eastwood got up and sang the praises of “no show tax return Trump,” they would have been the greatest actors who ever lived.

I always have liked Elvis, but talk about airhead. You want 90 minutes of misery, sit through the movie “Stay Away, Joe.” The bios I read on him were different. He gave a lot of money to help get Kennedy elected, would have loved to have played at Woodstock, and followed the Vietnam Democrats’ movement quietly because he was held under the reins of his very rightwing Republican manager, Tom Parker.

I myself like Johnny Cash’s answer about the Vietnam war. If speaking out about the war made him a hippie, I guess I’m a hippie. He didn’t worry about managers, fans or TV networks.

Another airhead Democrat actor, Leo DiCaprio, just Thursday his foundation gave $15 million for environmental issues and climate change. Either he knows something you don’t or he just got taken for $15 million. But yes, I keep forgetting that climate change is something Democrats made up in the first place.

Dude, the Eisenhower era is over! How about a little less biased political commentary and a little more reporting on local issues? Two that I have in mind, like why is every street in Hillsboro rough as a goat path? And when are they either going to fix or tear down that unsightly Parker Hotel?

Mike McAfee

Sugar Tree Ridge

Editor’s note: When you’re right you’re right – “Stay Away, Joe” is a really bad movie.

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