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Editor’s note: All 12 candidates for Hillsboro City Council were contacted by The Times-Gazette and asked to provide some basic background information, along with answers to five specific questions, and an opportunity to make additional comments. Candidates were given no specific word limits, but were asked to avoid overly-lengthy answers.

Most candidates answered all the questions, but some did not. If information is missing it is because it was not provided despite multiple efforts, including the involvement of the respective party chairs, to give candidates the opportunity to answer all questions.

In some cases their responses have been edited for grammar, to make an answer clearer or for excessive length. Today we present the responses from candidates for Ward 3, featuring Democratic Party candidate Tim Countryman and Republican Party candidate Wendy Culbreath.


Age: 56

Family: Wife: Lisa. Children: Jacquie Decker, Chelsey Doughman, Bret Jason Henninger, Joshua McKinley, Elizabeth McKinley.

Party: Democrat

Education, work and public office experience: Graduate of Hillsboro City Schools and various trade related certifications. Previously worked in commercial and residential construction, was a Hillsboro City Police officer for 14 years and currently employed as Lead Production Specialist at Valero Renewable Energy in Bloomingburg, Ohio.

Q. In general, why are you seeking election to this office?

A. I am seeking the opportunity to serve the residents of the city of Hillsboro and the 3rd Ward, giving them an honest, straightforward, energetic voice on city council.

Q. Why are you a good choice for this office?

A. I have experience working with past city administrators, engineers, and financial budgets as well as working with law enforcement on legal issues. If elected, I believe these and other past experiences will allow me to have good insight on issues facing the city in the future.

Q. What do you see as the top 2 or 3 issues facing the city of Hillsboro?

A. I think the major issues facing the city of Hillsboro in the future will be the continual drug epidemic and its blight on the community. Continual improvement of infrastructure to maintain current services and allow for future growth is also important. If not settled beforehand, I think the issue of increased taxes from joining the fire district will be a major concern for many citizens.

Q. Since council must work with the mayor, please share your own thoughts about Mayor Hastings.

A. I have not personally met or talked with Mayor Hastings, however I do find some of his social media comments offensive. There is no place in our society for racially motivated comments. They are not humorous and give off a negative image of our city. I do believe the infrastructure improvements and demolition of uninhabitable houses have been an improvement to our neighborhoods, and if elected look forward to working with all city administrators to further advance these and other issues that will be forthcoming.

Q. What accomplishments are you most proud of, either in public service, the private sector, or your personal life?

A. I have accomplished many things in life but am most proud of my wife and family.


Age: 65

Family: Married to Rodgers Creed Culbreath for 43 years. Children: Matthew, Kristen, Shaun, Holly, four grandchildren.

Party: Republican

Education, work and public office experience: BA, Asbury University 1976. Stay at home mom 28 years. Adjunct faculty Southern State Community College. Classes taught, Computer Science 7.5 years. Assistant manager Hightop Computers 6 years. Software Engineer/Developer, CFI Proservices 2 years. Systems Analyst/Programmer, Hamilton Co. Community Mental Health Board 8.5 years. Systems Analyst/Programmer, S & S Healthcare 1.5 years.

Q. In general, why are you seeking election or reelection to this office?

A. I did not seek this office. I was asked to run for the 3rd Ward open council seat. After thoughtful consideration, I decided to serve my community by accepting this nomination.

Q. Why are you a good choice for this office?

A. Those who nominated me were looking for a person with common sense and good judgment to serve the ward and the city. My work as a systems analyst, developer, and problem solver will enhance that service.

Q. What do you see as the top two or three issues facing the city of Hillsboro?

A. Continue to make our business district more attractive and safe so that Hillsboro will regain its full economic vitality by attracting new industry, business and tourism while supporting existing businesses and property owners. In this way, we will be creating a place where our children and grandchildren can live if that is their desire. In doing so we must preserve the best of the city’s heritage while creating a prosperous future. Hillsboro’s greatest heritage is its people and a rich treasury of faith, wisdom, history, and diversity. When its people work together they can accomplish anything.

Q. Since council must work with the mayor, please share your own thoughts about Mayor Hastings.

A. I am running to be the advocate for the citizens of Ward 3. I do not know Mayor Hastings, nor former Mayors Bishop and Zink. If anyone, including those three, come to me with an idea that is in the best interest of my ward and city, I will work with them.

Q. What accomplishments are you most proud of, either in public service, the private sector or your personal life?

A. In my classroom at Southern State College, I gave maximum attention to every student so they could be successful. At the Hamiliton County Mental Health Board, I worked in a department that supplied computerized information and reports essential for decision-making —always under budget. My proudest achievement is being the mother of four responsible, kind, thoughtful children, and wife of 43 years to my marvelous husband.

Tim Countryman
http://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2017/10/web1_city-candidate-Countryman.jpegTim Countryman

Wendy Culbreath
http://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2017/10/web1_city-candidate-Culbreath.jpgWendy Culbreath


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