Three Arts Club talks music, colors


The Lynchburg Three Arts Club recently met at the home of Colleen Mount.

The president, Denise Kuntz, opened the meeting by having Wendy Johnson read the Club Collect.

The color of the month was orange.

The roll call was answered by members telling their favorite song. There were two members who had original songs written by their son and grandson.

Colleen Mount, whose son, Eric, plays and sings with the “Coasts,” had written a song inspired by Lynchburg, which was “Midwest Charm.”

She played the record for those in attendance.

Doris Randolph, whose grandson, KJ, plays and sings with “Life Brother,” played his song, on her iPhone.

Secretary Colleen Mount read the minutes of the October meeting.

Treasurer Becky Davidson gave the treasurer’s report.

Becky Davidson and Nancy Lippert decorated the Christmas tree at the Highland House and the club received a thank-you note from Kathy Levo for doing so.

The club will meet on Dec. 10 at Kathy Farkas’ Newport home for our Christmas meeting, which will be an ornament exchange and potluck.

The meeting was adjourned to an interesting program by Becky Davidson on the color orange. Members did not realize there were so many things connected to the word and color orange, such as wars, Agent Orange, music, city names, sports, transportation and U.S. Navy boats. They all have some connection to the color orange.

The hostess served a delicious dessert course to Colleen Mount, Becky Davidson, Wendy Johnson, Ellen Pennington, Denise Kuntz, Nancy Shaffer and Doris Randolph.

Submitted by Nancy Shaffer, club reporter, on behalf of the Lynchburg Three Arts Club.

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