Taking care of herself


Dear sir,

As for “Do your part, get a shot — every day more data surfaces on deaths and other ill effects from COVID-19 vaccines; not that most people would know this if they depend on mainstream and corporate social media for pandemic information.

1. First, block wide use of early and cheap home/outpatient protocols proven in early 2020 to cure and prevent Covid infection access to generics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin had to be choked. The pandemics had to boil and create consumer demand for vaccines.

2. Emphasize contagion controls until vaccines become produced in large quantities. Pushing lockdowns, masking and other fears inducing and liberty-crushing government mandates would help build eventual public acceptance of vaccines as pandemic salvation.

3. Profit from a huge interim market for personal protection materials and equipment.

4. Meet public thirst for a pandemic solution by a mass marketing campaign, strong government coercion and big media cooperation for use of new – but still experimental – Covid vaccine.

5. Hold back advocating for blood testing to verify natural immunity obtained by having been infected with the virus. Doing so could greatly reduce interest in being vaccinated by probably one-third of the U.S. population that does not need artificial immunity and whose being vaccinated might actually pose health hazards.

French virologist and 2008 Nobel Prize winner in medicine Dr. Luc Montaginer has called mass Covid vaccination “unthinkable” and a “historical blunder.”

He says it is a “scientific error as well as medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. Israel has in April 1,100 deaths in proximity to Covid vaccination and a total of 2,066 adverse events. Noted was absence of media coverage of the ill effects of vaccination, the report concluded. Never has a vaccine injured so many. Population in Israel approaches just 9 million, making the level of vaccine negative impact very significant.

I, sir, threw the years took the “flu” shot (they said I should) for years. I was so sick with lungs every time. Years ago I told the Lord, “If you want me take me I cannot take any more shots.” I stop the shots and I have not had any more trouble since. I’m now on “no” Dr. pills I eat right, take supplements, move and I’m doing fine. If you, sir, want to let these creed of people tell you how to take care of yourself do so. I’m not.

I don’t know how they go to sleep at night the way they let things happen for many. It’s all money to them.

Thank you,

P.S. I didn’t hear much about the regular flu pass year did you?

Donna Montgomery


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