Highland County is a very special place


Over 20 years ago I found myself a first-year Hillsboro High School social studies teacher. Given that I had previously worked in business and was an “older” first-year teacher, I wondered if I made the right employment decision. Looking back, I did.

Now that circumstances have caused me to discontinue my career at Hillsboro City Schools, I need to say a few thank yous.

First, thank you to all the HCS staff, administrators and school boards I have worked with. Your assistance is beyond anything I could have expected. I hope the community continues to provide you with the support you need for your critical mission.

Secondly, the community: I came here as a “Flatlander” from Greene County with my only possible connection being that I was born in Ross County. However, from day one I was welcomed into your community with open arms. I will never forget that support. Your county is a VERY SPECIAL PLACE and I hope you all recognize that and celebrate it every day.

I will always treasure the relationships I have developed with you folks. Again, thank you for making me feel I am an “honorary member of the ‘Boro.” However, more importantly, thank you for the privilege of educating your children.

Finally, the children: I hope in some small way I have made your lives better. Without a doubt, each of you have made me a better person. Whether you were a student of mine, or we smiled and/or yelled at each other, thank you for the honor of knowing you.

Oh yeah, one last thing: “Just you and I, nobody listening … I love you guys.”

Bruce Robson


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