Highland County land bank will open bids soon


The Highland County Land Reutilization Corporation (land bank) announced that it planned to open bids for a Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Grant next Thursday at a special meeting at 10 a.m. in the basement of the Highland County Administration Building.

Mackenzie Edison, land bank coordinator, said there were 26 properties involved in the grant proposal, with 18 from Hillsboro, five from Mowrystown and three from Lynchburg. She said bid packets were currently available at 338 W. Main St. and must be submitted by July 26 at 4 p.m.

Edison said that there were probably about 10 people that have already picked up packets, and “hopefully” by the fall there will be progress on the project.

Concerning updates on the Brownfield grant, Edison said second round bids were submitted for the Rocky Fork Truck Stop and the East Monroe Mill, but hadn’t been awarded at the time of the meeting.

She said the second round was opened on July 1, but closed before the land bank was able to submit an application for the round. She also said she thought they got requests totaling more than $100 million. She said there could be a fourth round depending on the results for second round.

In other news, Edison said the land bank was involved in a property cleanup being done by Landry Faulconer at 6638 Wizard of Oz Way. She said that when that cleanup is finished, the property would be put up for sale.

Terry Britton, a member of the Highland County Board of Commissioners, said that there was a bit more cleanup on the property than anticipated, meaning the expense would be more than they thought it would be. He said that was because there was a concrete slab on the property that needed to be removed.

The land bank also made multiple motions during the meeting. It moved to remove Highland County Community Action Organization (HCCAO) from access to the bank and Beth Allering as a signer. It also moved to give Julie Bolender, Highland County Economic Development director, online access to view the land bank’s bank account. Its last motion was to give permission to Bolender to change the statutory agent with the state of Ohio.

In other news, Edison said the land bank spoke to Leesburg’s attorney, who asked for a proposal for a piece of property. She said this property is located where the old water tower is in Leesburg.

She said a neighbor was interested in using the property as a driveway. Edison said the village owns the property, will turn it over to the land bank, and then the land bank would sell it. Britton said the land bank would have to put it up for sale to the public.

In other news, Britton said Bolender and Edison were working with outside attorneys to try and find another attorney that could help the land bank with its work. He said Greg Van Zant would still be working with the land bank, but the organization has a lot more than Van Zant can deal with. Britton said he talked to Todd Book from the Ohio Realtor’s Association, who said he agreed to take a look at the county’s land bank and possibly work with them.

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Pictured (l-r) are Randy Mustard, Terry Britton and Mackenzie Edison discussing the land bank.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2022/07/web1_DSC_0388.jpgPictured (l-r) are Randy Mustard, Terry Britton and Mackenzie Edison discussing the land bank. Jacob Clary | The Times-Gazette
Officials looking at Leesburg property, new attorney

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