Disabled and in need of housing


As a disabled person in need of housing actually fit for a person to live in. Our housing coordinator has no clue what she is doing. I’m not sure if anyone else is having the same issues, but I am disabled. Awaiting housing and expecting actual responses from her is not happening. If I were to hold my breath waiting on her to call me back after leaving several phone messages, only to be put off for days either because she isn’t in the office or just not feeling the need to contact you.

She is supposed to be making calls and getting in touch with landlords on your behalf but instead she pushes it off on the person reaching out for assistance.

I have had several strokes, several heart attacks, I have polycystic kidney and liver disease, and high anxiety. Knowing this and knowing I have an emotional support animal, she continuously sends me on a wild goose chase to look at houses who clearly state they do not accept pets.

I am awaiting disability from the Social Security office and living in a trailer not even fit for a dog. It has no heat, no running water, and part of the kitchen is collapsed from a tree falling on it. In response, even after emailing her pictures and letting her know the Greenfield Police Department said that we couldn’t stay there and that our only alternative was to sleep in our car, her response was keep warm. Meanwhile, she has a comfortable home and goes out to eat at restaurants almost every day.

If we are doing all the work for her and not getting anything in return I feel as though the public should get her paycheck. She had us even go as far as to fill out an application for the Mitchell Fund and is not getting back in touch with them to find out what is going on.

She and others have told me that if I were addicted to drugs she could do more for us. Thank God, I’m not, I’m just dying. I have been told by doctors that at the rate my kidneys are becoming engulfed in cysts and now that one has hemorrhaged, I could have only a couple years to live. At the rate she is doing her job I will be dead and you will be posting my obituary before she gets anything accomplished.

Bridget DeWitt-Blyth


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