Don’t make the same mistake I made


Winter is upon us, which means snow and ice, which means fallen trees. I am writing this in hopes no one will make the same mistake I did.

Last winter an ice storm took down two trees at the same time. They were back-to-back on the same plot of ground. Because one hit the roof, I had to call my insurance company. I don’t trust Jack the Ripper so why did I trust this insurance company?

(In) any dealings with your insurance company get everything in writing. My insurance company gave out private information on me and while I filed a complaint, I was told it was hearsay because I didn’t have it in writing. It was told straight forward, but it was my word against theirs. They referred me to a tree care company in Hillsboro.

Again, I failed to get a contract because I trusted. I was left with major cleanup, plus the tree was not completely removed. Keep in mind the while tree — 75 feet — completely uprooted. I did not have a stump until the tree care company made it a stump.

I was taken to court and ordered to pay for a job that wasn’t done. Two things: good ole boys do stick together and ladies, if the judge makes condescending remarks, just remember he is just another typical man.

I live at 239 Woodland Drive, just below KFC. Stop in and I’ll not only tell you the rest of the story, I’ll show you the rest of the story (in pictures).

Darlene Ferree


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