S.R. 73 barn has been removed


The Highland County Land Reutilization Corporation (aka land bank) is known for returning abandoned, blighted properties back to productive use, which is of the utmost importance for the county, its residents and neighborhoods, according to Mackenzie Edison, land bank coordinator for the land bank.

The Highland County Land Bank recently collaborated with the Ohio Department of Development, the city of Hillsboro, and Evans Landscaping to complete the tear down of a barn at the edge of the city on S.R. 73 in Hillsboro.

To accomplish this project, the Highland County Land Bank received funding through the Building Demolition and Site Revitalization program through the Ohio Department of Development. This program has been designed to provide grants for the demolition of commercial and residential buildings and the revitalization of surrounding properties to create space for economic development. Through the grant, the Highland County Land Bank has now successfully managed to tear down 11 residential houses, one abandoned dairy bar and one abandoned barn, while preparing five more residential houses for demolition in Highland County.

The city of Hillsboro purchased the property where the barn was located last year, with plans to expand infrastructure, develop a thoroughfare, and expand on development complimentary to the area.

“We appreciate the collaboration with the Highland County Land Bank and the Ohio Department of Development and look forward to the next stage of this project,” a news release from Edison said.

Evans Landscaping was the lowest bidder on this project for $60,000 and was awarded to abate asbestos and complete the demolition of the barn. Evans Landscaping has completed numerous large projects in Highland County and has continued to be an exceptional partner in this collaboration, the news release said.

For more updates and information on the Highland County Land Bank and what properties are available, visit www.hclrc.org.

Submitted by Mackenzie Edison, land bank coordinator, Highland County Land Bank.

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