Just call him the Magic Man


Twenty-six-year-old Lynchburg resident Jake Lindsey has overcome a number of difficulties he faced growing up by learning and performing magic tricks.

Lindsey has disabilities that have made many aspects of his life challenging, but his fascination with magic, that began at the age of 13, has been a driving force in helping him overcome his obstacles.

“My doctor told me I didn’t want to use my hands when I was little, and when my mom would ask me to pick up stuff, I didn’t want to use them, so my hands got stiff over time,” said Lindsey. “So, basically, when I was little, I didn’t want to use them, but when I started magic, I started using them, and my hands were not stiff anymore.”

He said the pastime also helped him with other problems.

“I’ve had some emotional problems like being scared of thunder and loud noises, so the magic would help me with those problems like getting used to the thunder,” said Lindsey.

He said learning to perform magic acts also helped him develop socially.

“When I was younger, I didn’t have any friends and I wanted to find a way to help my hands and to grow emotionally and physically, so I was like ‘oh, may as well try out magic and see if it will help,’ and it helped,” he said.

Lindsey has been paid for his performances and has performed at venues around Ohio including the Festival of the Bells, the Highland County Fair, KAMP Dovetail and various churches.

“Basically, I love performing for people, and I love making people happy with it,” said Lindsey. “When I show a person a trick, it makes them happy, and I love it.”

Lindsey said he learned much of what he knows about magic from local magician Leland Pennington.

“I think my most impressive trick is that I can make a table float three feet in the air,” said Lindsey. “That’s the closer of my show.”

Lindsey said developing his “Mysterious Illusion Show” has served as therapy for him. “Without magic, I wouldn’t have grown up as much as I have,” he said. “When I was little, I was going through problems, but magic and gaining friends is what helped me get out of it.”

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