Cincinnati Reds will make the playoffs


No, the title of this edition of Matt’s Take isn’t just “click bait,” as I truly believe the Reds make the playoffs this year. To start the season the Reds were only 7-15, but since then they have a winning record of 24-20. Since April 24, the Redlegs have the best record in the Central Division and look to officially be first in the division by the end of June. As it currently stands, Cincinnati has a record of 31-35 and is four games back of the first place Pirates.

In regard to the wildcard playoff race, Cincinnati is only three3 games back in a very tight race for the last Wildcard spot. Of course, it is too early to be scoreboard watching, but after last season it feels great to have meaningful baseball in June. Coming up on the schedule includes the Royals, Astros, Rockies and Braves. The Reds need to continue to be lethal on the bases and add a couple arms to their pitching staff, but I truly believe Cincinnati will be playing playoff baseball in 2023.


I know I wrote an entire section about Elly De La Cruz the last two weeks, but he is worthy of another paragraph this week. Since calling Elly up to the Reds, Cincinnati is 4-2. It feels like every three innings there is a new ridiculous statistic that comes out that shows just how special Elly truly is. Since his debut, he has become the youngest Red to reach base four times in a game since Jay Bruce. He ran a 31.2 feet/second sprint speed, recorded a 97 mile per hour throw, and had a 109 mile per hour exit velocity hit. He recently stated, “I am the fastest man in the world” and I believe opposing teams would agree. He changes the game in so many ways as he has the speed of Billy Hamilton, the glove of Brandon Phillips, the power of Adam Dunn, switch hits better than anyone I have ever watched, and is able to play any position on the field. He is the most elite and complete player that I have ever watched.

Andrew Abbott

Andrew Abbott has continued his early success as he recently had another scoreless outing. Since 1893, Abbott is the only Red to have two consecutive starts with five innings or more and zero runs allowed. In his first two games, Andrew has picked up wins in each of them and his success on the mound will truly determine how good this team will continue to be. His call-up was perfect timing and his efforts were more than needed with the injuries to Lodolo and now Ashcraft. On MLB Network, I believe I recently heard someone refer to him as a “young Tom Glavine” and I am not sure you can get a much better compliment after your first two starts.

Christian Encarnacion-Strand

By now, I don’t need to introduce Christian, as fans have heard this name over and over again. Yes, we all need to continue to enjoy De La Cruz and McLain, but we also have another stud in Louisville awaiting his much anticipated call-up. In 195 plate appearances, he has 17 home runs along with a .362 average. He will be making his debut for the Redlegs very soon and for a team that is in need of some power, the sooner the better. With his addition, along with the return of Senzel and Votto, this lineup might be putting together something special.

Matt’s way too early scoreboard watch

(as of Monday)

The Pirates were 34-30 with the Cubs and Brewers coming up.

Brewers were 34-32 with the Twins and Pirates coming up.

The Reds were 31-35 with the Royals and Astros coming up.

Matthew McAdow is a Peebles resident. He works in human resources in the nuclear industry and has been an avid Cincinnati fan his entire life. He is an Ohio Christian University graduate and has always enjoyed giving an honest opinion on multiple topics regarding Cincinnati sports.

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