Sims’ ‘field of dreams’


The Sims Family Golf Center near Greenfield will host an open house at the driving range and golf learning center Thursday, July 13 at 4:30 p.m. to celebrate 25 years of business.

“We will be having an open house for whomever would like to drop by to visit with the staff, volunteers and others attending our celebration,” said Sharon Sims, the golf center’s owner. “It is our objective to reach out and thank all our past and present employees, volunteers and clients of all ages, and we wish to give a great shout out of thanks to all parents, relatives, friends, coaches and organizations making it possible for youth of all ages to attend golf school, participate in the Southwestern Junior Tour Series and the Ohio Cup Challenge with the Fix Fire Country Club, and private golf lessons.”

Sims is an LPGA professional. She coached golf at Wilmington College for 25 years.

The open house will include several contests, games and golf ball hitting. Each person who wants to hit golf balls will receive one complimentary bucket of golf balls and a raffle ticket. Those not hitting golf balls will still receive raffle tickets. Drawings for prizes will be held every 10 minutes.

“We’re just so grateful and blessed that we could do this for our community and the people and for me because that’s my passion,” said Sims.

Sims expressed her gratefulness to Bill Henry and his family for their help in making the golf center a success. “Bill has been the grounds superintendent for 23 years, and each son worked and contributed in their own personal ways,” said Sims. “Throughout our years of business, the Henry family members have always been willing to help anytime when needed, so thank you Bill, Billy, Josh, David, Sammy and Tommy.”

Sims also expressed her gratitude to her husband, Doc Sims, and their two sons, Zach and Joel.

She also thanked the late “Daryl Unger (for his excavating) and Tom Hixson (for his inspiration), and Tom Schuttle (retired vice president of Greenfield’s Merchants National Bank) for the assistance and involvement in the creation of ‘our field of dreams’ in 1998.”

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