New Ohio law right on mark; cash still king


Bravo to Ohio Sen. Sandra O’Brien, R-Lenox, who pushed for common sense language requiring that all Ohio public and private schools accept cash payments for tickets to school events and concession stand purchases.

Thanks in large part to her efforts, accepting these cash payments at Ohio school events is now law. It was included among the many provisions in House Bill 33, Ohio’s operating budget bill.

O’Brien, who represents Trumbull County and other surrounding areas of northeast Ohio, recalled to us an incident in which she was waiting in line behind a couple attempting to purchase tickets for entrance into a high school football game where their grandson was playing.

The couple, with cash in hand at the gate, was informed that tickets to the event could be purchased only with a credit card via an online cellphone app. The couple was not equipped to use the app and, sadly, ended up missing the game.

Undoubtedly, this type of incident plays out with increasing frequency all over Ohio these days. In fact, the Ohio High School Athletic Association, which governs and collects payments for all playoff athletics in the state, forbids school districts from accepting any type of payment that is not done through the online app. Beginning with this fall’s athletic season, this no longer will be permitted.

We are extremely pleased to see this common sense decision by O’Brien and the Ohio Legislature in approving the measure.

Indeed, cash is king! Legal tender always should be accepted for purchases — not just at school events, but everywhere in Ohio and in America.

Youngstown Vindicator

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