Citizen opposes ‘cabaret’ shows


The addition of a parks director position to the city’s payroll and the possibility of increasing pay for elected officials was discussed during Thursday’s Hillsboro City Council meeting.

During the citizens’ comments portion of the meeting, Hillsboro resident Jeremiah Ogden said he will be filing a petition to create a ballot issue that would list drag shows as adult cabaret performances that are not accessible to minors. “We feel this is necessary as there has been no action taken on this matter by city council since the last time I was here,” Ogden said.

He said several other communities and counties are seeking similar actions, and that a new house bill aims to do the same at the state level.

“It is important that as a conservative Christian community that we be the beacon for the state,” he said. “There is 39 churches in this city, and we have a pride day in the park with a drag show in front of minors. I don’t know what we are trying to portray here, and I don’t know why we won’t follow the ordinances we already have to prevent this, so we’re going to get a petition to get a ballot on the next election cycle to change all this to make it more strict if it’s possible.”

Hillsboro Safety and Service Director Brianne Abbot said the city issued 31 commercial and nine building permits in July. She said construction is ongoing for Five Below, the Marriott Hotel, Marshall’s, Papa Johns, Patriot Public House, and Sassafras Kitchen.

She said the city’s Revolving Loan Fund is available to assist local businesses. “If you are aware of any businesses within the city that are in need of low-interest loans for either startup or expansion, the revolving loan fund committee would love to help,” she said.

Abbott said work on the Roberts Lane and Crossroads Park projects is ongoing, and the city has received a new water meter device from a $10,000 state grant.

She said the final “Movies Under the Stars” event will be at Crossroads Park on Friday, Sept. 1, and the Jeepers Creepers event will be Friday, Oct. 20.

During her report, finance committee Chair Mary Stanforth said that Hillsboro Auditor Dawson Barreras suggested adding a fifth member to the Treasury Investment Board who is not associated with the city or the city’s investments.

Stanforth said when the board member is added, the board will continue to rewrite and update an investment policy that will be given to the finance committee to review.

She said the finance committee recommended passing an ordinance to include a parks director position to the city’s pay scale ordinance in order for the city to be able to post a job description for the position. This position has a proposed salary range of $52,000 to $66,560.

She said the finance committee also discussed raising the annual pay for council members to $7,200, the auditor’s annual pay to $70,000, the law director’s annual pay to $50,000, and the mayor’s annual pay to $40,000.

Parks Committee Chair Don Storer said members of his committee toured the Hillsboro Swim Organization’s pool because the organization would like the city to take over operation of the pool.

Street and Safety Committee member Jo Sanborn read the committee’s report in the absence of committee chair Adam Wilkin. The committee had been asked to look into security for the city parks because of reports of vandalism and theft. The committee discussed the possibility of installing cameras and door alarms that would be monitored by the city police station, and the committee will consider input from police chief Eric Daniels.

An ordinance to amend a section and repeal a section of the city ordinances pertaining to petty cash and change funds was unanimously approved.

A resolution adopting a new fixed asset policy for the city that implements a $5,000 threshold instead of $1,000 for fixed assets was unanimously approved.

An ordinance amending section 155 of the city ordinances pertaining to signs was moved to a third reading.

An ordinance making appropriations transfers of $10,000 for the Drive to Succeed grant was unanimously approved to move the money to the correct fund.

An ordinance to establish a one-way street on Johnson Street was moved to a second reading.

An ordinance to authorize the disposition of unneeded municipal personal property was unanimously approved to allow the city to sell a 1992 dump truck.

An ordinance to adjust the salary of the city auditor was unanimously tabled.

An ordinance to adjust compensation for certain city employees was moved to a second reading.

A resolution awarding the 2023 construction contract for the High Street lead service line replacement project was unanimously approved.

An ordinance repealing sections of the city code that contradict the collective bargaining agreement with the Hillsboro Police Department was moved to a second reading.

An ordinance adopting an anti-displacement and relocation assistance plan for the city was unanimously approved.

A resolution authorizing Aspen Energy, on behalf of the city, to advertise and solicit bids for the electric aggregation program was unanimously approved.

A resolution approving a “then and now” certification by the city auditor for a payment of $38,441.41 to DLZ Engineering for engineering work for the Roberts Lane project was unanimously approved.

An ordinance making appropriation transfers for the city for the city’s storm sewer project was unanimously approved.

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