McClain wins 3rd FAC stage


The McClain Lady Tigers golfers outdistanced the rest of the field Tuesday to win the third Frontier Athletic Conference match of the season played at the Hillsboro Elks Golf Course.

Aubrey Arnold of Jackson was the individual medalist with a 44.

Team scores were McClain 222, Miami Trace 233, Jackson 239, Hillsboro 242 and Washington 260. Chillicothe did not have enough players to record a team score.

The FAC standings after the match were:

McClain 9-2

Miami Trace 7-4

Jackson 5-3

Hillsboro 5-6

Washington 0-11

McClain individual results were: senior Jacolyn Bolender 51, sophomore Kaylin Sterling 54, junior Abbie Lovett 58, sophomore Reese Roble 59, junior Kallie Posey 61 , sophomore Avery Murphy 65 and freshman Hailey Cornett 64. Cornett played to make even playing groups and her score was not eligible for the team total.

Hillsboro individual results were: junior Emma Yochum 52, junior Halle Jones 63, sophomore Rylea Scarberry 63, sophomore Reagan Leeth 64, senior Grace Watson 66, junior Addy Knauff 68 and junior Amani Cumberland 68. Cumberland played to make even playing groups and her score was not eligible for the team total.

Miami Trace individual scores were freshman Ashlynd Hippely 56, junior Emily Reeves 58, freshman Alison Reeves 58, senior Audrey Mullins 61, freshman Kelsy Douglas 64 and junior Isabelle Deskins 69.

Jackson individual scores were: sophomore Aubrey Arnold 44, junior Alia Rippeth 58, freshman Ava Jenkins 65 and sophomore Bambi Smallwood 72.

Washington team scores were: sophomore Faith Wynne 50, sophomore Leah Marine 68, sophomore Alora Self 71, senior Surina Kleidt 71 and freshman Addison Yahn 72.

Chillicothe individual scores were: senior Addison Smith 53, senior Morgan Webb 55 and sophomore Qiuchengxi Su 67.

The next FAC match will take place Aug. 24 at Buckeye Hills Country Club.


On Thursday McClain hosted the fourth FAC Girls’ Golf Match at Buckeye Hills Country Club. McClain finished second while Hillsboro finished third.

Team scores were: Miami Trace 221, McClain 224, Hillsboro 230, Washington 236, Jackson no team score, Chillicothe no team score.

That left the FAC standings as follows:

McClain 17-3

Miami Trace 16-4

Hillsboro 12-8

Jackson 7-13

Washington 6-14

Chillicothe 0-20

Thursday individual scores for McClain were: Sterling 50, Lovett 56, Roble 59, Murphy 59, Bolender 61, Posey 62.

Hillsboro individual scores were: Yochum 50, Scarberry 56, Cumberland 61, Jones 63, Leeth 68, Knauff 69

Miami Trace individual scores were: Emily Reeves, 51, Hippely 53, Alison Reeves 54, Mullins 63, Douglas 63, Deskins 68.

Washington individual scores were: Faith Wynne 43, Duncan 60, Gray 65, Yahn 68, Marine 70.

Jackson individual scores were: Arnold 35 (match medalist), Rippeth 52, Jenkins 64.

Chillicothe individual scores were: Webb 48, Smith 51, Su 65.

The next FAC match will take place at The Greens on August 29.

Information for this story was provided by Derrick Lyons, McClain golf coach.

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