Revolutionary project discussed


The Highland County Board of Commissioners discussed a possible Revolutionary Way monument that the local Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) have been planning at its weekly Wednesday meeting.

Gerold “Buzzard” Wilkin, an AMVETS representative, was in attendance to discuss the 2026 Highland County Revolutionary War Memorial Project planned for the south side of the Highland County Courthouse. He said the organizations are back up and running following things reopening from COVID-19. He said the project is currently working with different county agents to verify and uncover any Revolutionary War gravesites that haven’t already been located.

He said out of the 93 verified people that were on a plaque on the south corner of the courthouse, the organizations found another 125 with “most” having been verified. Wilkin said the organizations’ interpretation of Revolutionary War individuals is anyone who supported the United States during the war, not just those fighting on the ground.

He also said that when the two organizations started, its financial goal for the project was around $40,000, but following the COVID stoppage, it is now around $70,000. He said they applied for multiple grants, having already been approved for two and looking at more.

Wilkin said he hopes the project will be in place by the 250th anniversary of Independence Day on July 4, 2026.

Regarding AMVETS news, Wilkin gave a $2,500 check to sheriff Donnie Barrera from AMVETS Post 61, which Barrera said they would use to purchase two new radar units for the office’s new cars.

“Once again, it’s our privilege to present this check to an organization that guarantees our safety and et cetera throughout our county and appreciate it,” Wilkin said.

In other news, Yancy Shaw, a field representative with the Ohio Laborer’s Union District Council, said the organization has been following the Willowbrook Solar Farm project. He said they noticed that Highland County had billed them in April for their pilot program and hadn’t yet received anything.

Shaw said that the organization feels that the law says that if the solar project is in production, payments should be going out when taxes are due.

Britton noted that the Rainsboro Sewer Project has been completed. He said the old system has finished being torn out and it’s hooked up to the lake system.

He also said the building for the probation department needs repairs and the commissioners will be doing evaluations to see what needs fixed.

The board made one approval, that being a quote for a replacement for a suction pump, the money and volume displays, the electronic suction for dispensing single product and all of the other aspects of it for the Highland County Airport for $29,275 from Superior Petroleum Equipment, LLC. Britton said the airport would pay for half of the payment, with the board of commissioners paying for the other half.

Commissioner Dave Daniels said they have two pumps and would replace one and repair the other one with the parts from the first one taken out of service.

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