Hillsboro’s Winkle wins cross country meet


GREENFIELD — The Hillsboro, McClain and Fairfield high school and junior high cross country teams competed last Saturday in a season-opening meet at Mitchell Park in Greenfield.

In the high school boys race, Corbin Winkle of Hillsboro won the event in 17:12. Also for Hillsboro: Rason Brunck, fourth, 18:07; Chris Sowders, ninth, 19:14; Ryan Howland, 10th, 19:20; Cooper Swope, 16th, 20:09; Jayden Wells, 52nd, 27:55; Jacob Schommer, 53rd, 29:09.

Dart Stovall of McClain was the top Tiger runner, placing 32nd in 22:38. Also for McClain: Zach Scales, 41st, 23:46; Nathan Alvarez, 47th, 26:12; Nicholas Alvarez, 48th, 26:13; Jeese Van Hoose, 55th, 30:00; Avery Truman, 61st, 31:50.

For Fairfield, Zach Shsaruk was the top placer, finishing 17th in 20;10. Also for the Lions, Britton Campbell was 18th in 21:06; Nolan Campbell was 21st in 21:29; Mason Lightle was 23rd in a time of 21:49; Jordan Bennington was 24th in 21:50; Caleb Rice placed 26th in 22:02; Ryan Smith was 29th in 22:15; Connor Ayers was 34th in 22:41; Griffin Friend was 43rd in 24:32; Zayden Hixon was 57th in 30;49; Hayden Barrera was 58th in 31:16; Gregary Schtermann placed 62nd in 32;56 and John Kier was 63rd in 33:12.

In the high school girls race, Molly Seabaugh of East Clinton won the event in 21:12.

Jailyn Williams of Hillsboro was third in 21:23. Also for Hillsboro: Taylor Thoroman, sixth, 22:10; Ramsey Haines, eighth, 23:18; Brooklyn Lucarello, 15th, 24:48; Olivia Covault, 16th, 25:02; Abbey Letts, 18th, 25:20; Bryauna Bailey, 19th, 25:53; Claire Winkle, 29th, 27:52; Sofia Mezo-Mil, 45th, 31:01.

Brooke Baldwin was the first runner from McClain to finish. She placed 14th in 24:41. Also for McClain: Katrina Sturgeon, 22nd, 26:21; Sierra Barton, 23rd, 26:31; Laura Barber, 34th, 29:40; Ashley Mitchell, 37th, 30;06; Bailey Mitchell, 41st, 30;45; Laura Stevenson, 49th, 37:03.

Madelyn Wiseman was 25th for Fairfield in 26:45. Also for Fairfield: Emelia Roehm was 46th in 32:55; Eleanore Warner was 47th in 33:22 and Campbell Anne Friend was 48th in 34:10.

In the junior high boys race, Alexander Reed of Hillsboro won the event in 11:32. Also for Hillsboro: Mason Rinal, fifth, 12:12; Trenton Gulley, 11th, 13:27; Luke Letts, 12th, 13:28; Tyler Bender, 16th, 14:09.

Isaac Michey of Greenfield was 13th in 13:38. Zander Lyons was 30th in 16:44.

Blake Walters of Fairfield placed seventh in 12:16. Also for the Lions: Vinny Ballard was 10th in 13:15; Cameron Caudill was 15th in 14:08; Korbin Hixon was 17th in 14:32; Tyrus Cumberland was 26th in 15:45 and Owen Kier was 34th in 27:02.

In the junior high girls race, for Hillsboro, Quinn Swope placed second in 13:06. Parker Wilkin was seventh in 15:21; Emarey Schurman was 11th in 16:20; Abrianna Anderson finished 17th in 17:32.

For Greenfield, Lila Bans placed third in 13:49; Kalliegh Freeze was sixth in 15:02; Alaina Best was 16th in 17:27; Riley Lanning finished 23rd in 24:06 and Marley Hale was 24th in 24:08.

High school boys team scores were: Bloom-Carroll 24, Hillsboro 39 and Fairfield 98, Miami Trace 102, Zane Trace 119, East Clinton 152 and McClain 185.

High school girls team scores were: Bloom-Carroll 35, Hillsboro 38, Zane Trace 88, Miami Trace 101, McClain 111.

Middle school boys team scores were: Bloom-Carroll 30, Hillsboro 37 and Fairfield 55

Middle school girls team scores were: Miami Trace 33, Bloom-Carroll 41 and Greenfield 52.

Chris Hoppes is the sports editor for the Record-Herald in Washington C.H.

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