Barrere Memorial Trust benefits many at SSCC


Southern State Community College Foundation has announced 54 students as recipients of the Sara M. Barrere Memorial Trust Scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year.

The scholarship was established to honor Sara “Sally” Barrere, a lifelong philanthropist and generous donor to SSCC and other Highland County organizations for years before her death. Barrere loved to read and travel. She thoughtfully considered her experience with health care providers as she battled Parkinson’s disease late in life. She was often assisted at home or in hospitals by Southern State-trained nurses. Upon her death, she generously established a trust to help Southern State students further their education.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and complete a short essay demonstrating how they have exhibited responsibility to self, family, school and community, as well as qualities of honesty, dependability, punctuality, perseverance and loyalty.

One of the recipients, Kylee Walters, a 2020 graduate of Hillsboro High School, has worked as a home health aide for several years with dementia and hospice patients and is pursuing her Practical Nursing Certificate and associate of science degree in nursing. Her goal is to complete her bachelor of science in nursing, and then become either a nurse in labor and delivery or in mental health.

Walters has persevered and overcome many obstacles in her young life. “My experience at Southern State has been great,” Walters said. “The instructors and advisors have been very helpful and encouraging. I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive the Barrere scholarship. My advice is not to give up on your dream no matter how long it takes.”

Another recipient, Paulette Goerler, obtained her GED later in life back in 1983, and is attending Southern State to obtain her associate’s degree, majoring in English. She is planning to graduate in May 2024 at 77 years old, while also working part-time.

“The graduation and wearing a cap and gown is so important to me because I didn’t get to do that in high school,” Goerler said. “I went to work when I was very young. With the encouragement from the people at SSCC, and the Sara Barrere scholarship, I am doing this. And I can’t thank everyone enough.”

SSCC President Nicole Roades added, “Undoubtedly, Sally left a legacy that will forever influence and shape the lives of inspired learners, young and old. Kylee and Paulette, while at different stages of their life, both have a similar appreciation for philanthropists like Sally. I think Sally would be pleased if she were here to witness the transformation she is supporting.”

Students who have accepted the scholarship offer for the 2023-24 academic year include:

ADAMS COUNTY: Vivian Gray, Nicole Haskill, Jacob Martin;

BROWN COUNTY: Brandy Baker, Molli Bennett, Lori Catron, Isaac Deininger, Jessilyn Gilman, Dalton Hiser, Dakota Luther, Emma Prine, Dane Tomlin;

CLERMONT COUNTY: Holly Blair, Kourtney Evans, Samantha Rolsen, Sydney Volker;

CLINTON COUNTY: Lydia Kessler, Angela Sheppard;

FAYETTE COUNTY: Katelynn Crichton, Nathaniel Crichton, Patrizia Lopez, Madison Newman, Lydia Zwoll;

FRANKLIN COUNTY: Thomas Browning, Andy Mayo;

GREENE COUNTY: Morgan Donini;

HIGHLAND COUNTY: Trent Barber, Cae’don Brennan, Kathryn Cluff, Ashley Dalton, Morgan Fancher, Paulette Goerler, Camden Griffith, Cole Hargett, Jaden Henderson, Elijah Humphreys, Lydia Kittner, Macey McCune, Brandon Miller, Julianne Middleton, Gabrielle Nickell, Chelsey Penwell, Ciara Peterson, Elena Pickering-Polstra, Courtney Ruffner, Garet Thompson, Victor Townsend, Kylee Walters, Noah Miller, Samantha Patton, Nathan Smith;

PIKE COUNTY: Kaitlynn Barnett;

ROSS COUNTY: Lorelei King, Randi Stodgel.

Honoring her legacy as an educated woman who made her life in Southern Ohio yet enjoyed traveling and learning, the funds from this trust can also directly support:

* Enhancing student’s personal growth and intercultural development through study-abroad scholarships;

* Building regional leadership capacity through course innovation scholarships;

* Assisting nursing students with the purchase of books and educational supplies.

The Southern State Community College Foundation donors provide many scholarship opportunities to SSCC students. These scholarships are coordinated to encourage students to pursue their academic careers at the college. Scholarships are available to both transfer students and those intending to pursue a degree leading to immediate employment.

To learn more about SSCC Foundation scholarship opportunities, visit For more information on the stewardship role of the SSCC Foundation, visit

Elizabeth Burkard, director of marketing, SSCC.

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