Garden Club hears news of interest


The October 2023 Hillsboro Garden Club meeting was brought to order by president Jennifer West with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Lynn Luman took the roll call with members and two guests answering the following question, “How are you preparing your soil for next year?”

West, also on the schedule to showcase a floral specimen, displayed her lemon cypress tree, which was purchased from Ron’s Greenhouse in Dutchman’s Hollow.

Opening with old business, West provided an overview of the region 16 fall meeting for members in the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs (OAGC), with two items of particular interest. First, the USDA has announced a new pest alert for the Box Tree Moth, which has been found in the local area. To learn more about this invasive pest, visit the USDA website at [http://www.nifa.usda,gov/extension]www.nifa.usda,gov/extension. Second, club member Judith Stivender has accepted the position of co-regional director for region 16, acting as a liaison between OAGC and the clubs in the region. Congratulations to Judith!

For the educational program portion of the meeting, Nancy Baldwin gave a fascinating presentation on “The Anatomy of a Bulb.” During the session, Baldwin described the different parts of a bulb, the required soil depths for various-sized bulbs, the difference between a bulb and a tuber, as well as deer-resistant bulbs. See, when you miss a meeting, you miss a lot.

Baldwin also presented a lovely arrangement of granda flora roses in honor of former members Rose Marie Cowdrey, Beryl Gruelle and Louise Sprinkle.

To open new business, treasurer Ruth Anna Duff delivered her monthly report to members.

Larry Moore also announced that the annual Christmas party would be held on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at the Ponderosa Steakhouse beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Luman also presented to members a community sponsorship opportunity. Each year, the Highland District Library hosts a seed exchange, and Luman presented the idea that the seed exchange program would be a wonderful opportunity to partner with the library, promote the garden club in the community, and advance gardening, especially to attract pollinators. Luman agreed to contact the library for more information and present the information at the November meeting.

Nancy Sonner announced that members would be decorating the club tree at the Highland House Museum and this year’s theme is “The Stars of Christmas.”

Shelly Rayburn made a motion to adjourn the meeting, with Marilyn Hiestand providing the second.

Refreshments were furnished by West and Connie Hilliard.

The next meeting of the Hillsboro Garden Club will be Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the Floral Hall located at the Highland County Fairgrounds. For the next meeting, Helen Roe will be presenting a floral arrangement, West will deliver the program, and Nancy Sonner and Andrea Schneider will serve as hostesses. As always, all gardeners are welcome to attend.

Submitted by Lynn Luman, secretary, Hillsboro Garden Club.

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