Greenfield man sentenced to two years


Jordy Vangundy, 37, Greenfield, was sentenced in Highland County Common Pleas Court to 24 months in prison on one count of aggravated trafficking in methamphetamine in the vicinity of a school zone, a third-degree felony.

Vangundy was ordered to pay restitution of $120 to the Highland County Task Force alongside an accomplice through the Highland County Victim Witness Office.

According to court documents, around June 8, 2021, officers met with an informant who said they could purchase meth from someone. The CI was later picked up by a white van and investigators followed them to Cameron Drive. When they got to Cameron Drive and Gray Street, someone came from the house and gave the informant a bag of a crystal substance.

The substance was sent to BCI for analysis and tested positive as 2.61 grams of meth. The informant then picked both the accomplice and Vangundy out of a photo lineup. The address on Cameron Drive and Gray Street was within 1,000 feet of the Highland County Community Action Organization Head Start at 1300 Jefferson St.

In other sentencings, Bradley Clark, 39, Greenfield, was sentenced to nine months on one count of aggravated possession of meth.

According to court documents, around Nov. 1, 2022, dispatch received a call from someone who said they were in a vehicle that contained stolen items and narcotics. They said that the driver was on their way to the Greenfield Police Department to drop them off, with multiple people inside the vehicle. Two sergeants and a patrol officer made contact with the vehicle and its occupants at the back of police headquarters.

The caller then exited the vehicle and ran toward the police department. An officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle who said they’d just left Bainbridge and were dropping off the caller.

Two other subjects in the back of the vehicle also exited. The sergeant asked the driver and was granted permission to search the vehicle. Before starting the search the sergeant asked two other subjects if they had anything in the vehicle and they said they did not.

The sergeant found a red cigarette pack inside of a brown coat in the back seat, with a plastic baggie containing a crystalline substance inside the cigarette pack. Inside of a pocket of the brown coat, the sergeant found a plastic container with a crystalline residue. The sergeant also found a new cooler, which was the item the caller had believed was stolen. The driver told the sergeant that the brown coat belonged to “Bradley.” The sergeant made contact with the two other subjects. One gave their ID and gave the wrong Social Security number multiple times. The other subject identified themself as Clark.

Dispatch confirmed that Clark had seven active warrants for his arrest. The sergeant placed Clark under arrest. He said the brown coat was his.

When Clark was asked about suspected narcotics inside the jacket, he said that the items were not his. He said he was an active meth user. He was placed in a holding cell. The sergeant returned outside where another sergeant was talking to one of the other subjects and the driver. The driver said the red cigarette pack “should have been empty” because they’d found it on the rear floorboard before picking anyone up.

They said they threw the cigarette pack in the back of the vehicle inside of a bucket, which they referred to as their “trash bucket.” The driver said that Clark would have had access to the trash bucket when he loaded the cooler into the back of the vehicle.

A sergeant spoke to the other subject, who said they saw Clark with the red cigarette pack in his hands on the way to Greenfield from Bainbridge. The crystalline substance inside the cigarette pack was submitted to BCI for testing and was found to contain meth.

Brandy Moore was sentenced to six years of community control from two separate cases, one with a count of receiving stolen property, a fourth-degree felony, and the other with one count of failure to appear, also a fourth-degree felony.

For the first case, Moore was ordered to comply with any recommended aftercare for Substance Use Disorder.

According to court documents for the first case, on or around March 5, 2023, someone reported to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office that their blue Chevrolet 1500 service truck had been taken from their business. The victim reported that an employee had passed the truck on Taylorsville Road and saw a woman with blonde hair using it. Two deputies were dispatched to the area.

While one of the deputies was in front of a business they saw a blue Chevrolet truck being operated by a woman with blonde hair going westbound past the location. The deputy followed the truck to a gas station where the driver went inside. The deputy ran the registration on the truck and was advised that it did indeed belong to a relative of the victim.

The deputy then entered the store and made contact with the woman driving the truck. She was detained and brought outside where she was identified as Moore. The deputy asked her how she got the vehicle and she said, “I want a lawyer.”

According to court documents for the second case, Moore was indicted in Highland County Common Pleas Court where she also signed a recognizance bond. She was also advised by the court of the dates she needed to appear and signed an appearance notice. Moore failed to appear at a pretrial hearing on June 7.

Dwight Benner, 55, Friendship, was sentenced to five years of community control on one count of non-support of dependents, a fifth-degree felony.

Benner was ordered to seek work, obtain employment and pay restitution of $40,158.19 to the Highland County Child Support Enforcement Agency.

According to court documents, around Jan. 29, 2002, and continuing through Nov. 28, 2007, Benner failed to provide support to two separate people whom he failed to pay for 26 weeks out of 104 consecutive weeks.

Lula Spruance, 46, Hillsboro, was sentenced to three years of community control on one count of aggravated possession of meth. She was also accepted into the New Way to Recovery Drug Court Docket.

According to court documents, around April 3, 2022, a trooper was on patrol when they saw a white pickup truck drive completely over the center line with both left side tires while going eastbound on North Shore Drive. The trooper also saw that the vehicle didn’t have registration mounted on its rear. The vehicle turned into a gas station on North Shore Drive and parked quickly.

Spruance admitted that she didn’t have a valid driver’s license. A check through LEADS showed that she had an active warrant and she was placed in wrist restraints.

The trooper asked Spruance if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. She replied “OK, um, not that I’m aware of, but there’s a glasses case in there. I swear on my life I don’t know if there’s anything in there or not.” Spruance said the case was located under the seat. She said a friend was inside the truck and kept their stuff in the glasses case.

The trooper asked Spruance what was inside the glasses case and she replied, “a little stem, like crack glass.” The trooper asked if there were any drugs inside the case. Spruance replied, “not that I’m aware of.”

The trooper began a probable cause search of the vehicle. A black glasses case was found on the driver’s side floorboard. It contained two glass pipes and a knotted piece of plastic that held a white crystal substance. An additional glass pipe was found inside Spruance’s purse.

Spruance was transported to the Highland County Jail on the warrant. During the transport, the trooper asked her if she’d used drugs and Spruance replied that she used “ice stuff” to help with pain. The white crystal substance was submitted to the OSP Crime Lab for testing and was found to contain meth.

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