City Christmas Dec. 1 and 2


Hillsboro City Council passed eight pieces of legislation during its meeting Thursday.

City auditor Dawson Barreras said he has prepared a budget for the city that he hopes will be passed by city council during its December meeting.

City council agreed to forward a request for a liquor permit for the Hillsboro Orpheum to state regulators.

Hillsboro Safety and Service Director Brianne Abbott said 14 commercial building permits and 15 residential building permits were approved for the city in October. She provided an update about the status of city projects and said there was recently a groundbreaking for the Roberts Lane road extension project.

Abbott said Hillsboro was paired with Ross county for the Appalachian Community Grant from the state to support the city’s Crossroads Park and amphitheater project. The application will be submitted within the upcoming weeks. “Hopefully, we’ll know something about it early to mid 2024,” she said.

Abbott said the city’s storm sewer water project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, and the city’s North High Street line replacement project is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2024.

She said the new Marshalls Department Store has opened in Hillsboro, and constriction on the Five Below store in the city is ongoing.

She said the city will hold its annual Christmas tree lighting Friday, Dec. 1 to be followed by the city’s Christmas parade Saturday, Dec. 2.

Parks Committee Chair Don Storer said the committee met Oct. 30 to discuss the city taking over operation of the Hillsboro Swim Club and related insurance issues. It was determined that more information was needed before proceeding further on the issue, and the committee will meet about the issue at a future date.

An ordinance amending a section of city ordinances relating to language about the clerk of council was unanimously passed.

An ordinance to modify the zoning classification of a parcel of land died with no motions to approve it. “As the chair of that committee, our committee made the recommendation to approve that change,” said Zoning and Annexation Committee Chair Jason Brown. “However, after hearing the concerns at the public hearing and afterward speaking to multiple members of the planning commission, I recommend not to move forward.”

An ordinance to change language in city ordinances referencing the city tax commissioner and deputy tax commissioner was unanimously approved.

An ordinance amending city codes pertaining to income tax regulations was moved to a third reading.

An ordinance to authorize the safety and service director to enter into an agreement with the Highland County commissioners to provide for indigent defendant council in the courts for 2024 was moved to a third reading.

A resolution transferring real property to the Hillsboro Community Improvement Corporation was moved to a third reading.

A resolution authorizing the safety and service director to purchase a New Holland loader for the city’s wastewater treatment plant through the state’s cooperative purchasing program was unanimously approved.

A resolution to adopt the 2023 version of the city’s policy and procedure manual was moved to a second reading.

A resolution identifying blighted properties in the city was approved and adopted.

A resolution authorizing the mayor to prepare and submit an application to participate in the Ohio Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grant Program was approved and adopted.

An ordinance to make an appropriation to make a payment on loans for the Ohio Water Development Association that were not budgeted for last year was approved and adopted.

An ordinance to make an appropriation transfer for the payroll of the city law director was approved and adopted.

An ordinance to approve an appropriation for funds donated by a private citizen for an archery range at Liberty Park was approved and adopted.

A resolution to move money to pay for the salaries of the mayor and safety and service director from the general fund to a specific fund was approved and adopted.

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