Thanking all that helped explosion victim’s family


On behalf of David Beaver’s family (who lost his life in a late November explosion in Hillsboro), I, Betsy Beaver, would like to take this time to personally thank everyone who has been there through this very difficult time.

This has been the hardest time of my life, truly, and everyone has made it as easy as possible so that I can grieve. I want to thank so people that donated to my two family and our children.

We lost an amazing man that day, a wonderful dad to his two children, and a beyond-amazing husband to me.

At this time I would like to thank everyone who has donated such as: Kroger; Chip from Papa John’s; Denise Mootz, who helped throw an amazing event at The Loft; West Main Auto Repair; Dee Creek, who threw David’s benefit at the Grub N’ Monkey, including the rest of the Creek family; Good News Gather Church; Rent to Own; Hillsboro City Schools; State Farm; Hillsboro Bible Baptist Church; Laura and Greg Goolsby; Allensburg Church of Christ; Hollowtown church; Hull’s Welding & Machine Shop, O’Reilly’s; Aaron’s Furniture; Shellie Young; Michelle Clemons; Appearances Salon; Cundiff’s Flower Shop; The Cruisers.

I also want to personally thank everyone of you who donated to the gofundme as well. Some of those were anonymous, and there were so many to list here. My family can’t thank you enough.

It is still a battle every single day to get through this, and it always will be. There is nothing I wouldn’t give to bring David back.

Thank you for all the kind and amazing things you have came to me and shared with me about him.

Besty Beaver

Scarlett Beaver

Jesse Beaver


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