New humane agent appointed in Highland County


The role of a humane agent in Highland County to call and report instances of animal cruelty that has long been vacant was filled when Bryanan Williamson was appointed as the Highland County humane agent by Highland County Judge Kevin Greer last month.

“I have always wanted to work in a career that involved animals, and I truly want what is best for the animals in our community,” said Williamson. “I have worked with animals since I was a child, from kittens to livestock, and my love for animals is never ending.”

Before being appointed to the position, Williamson was required to complete 40 hours of in class training and eight hours of subject control training from the Ohio Animal Welfare Federation. “I was taught the laws and regulations regarding animal welfare,” she said. “I enjoyed talking with others in the same field as myself, and it was a lot of fun doing more hands-on training.”

She said educating the public is a large part of her job. “My job is to educate the public on the responsibility, care and humane treatment of animals in accordance with state, city, county and federal laws,” she said.

She said she is excited about many aspects of the job. “I’m looking forward to helping more animals and assisting owners or future owners with the education needed concerning animal health and well being,” she said. “I also look forward to meeting and discussing animal welfare with others like me across the state of Ohio.”

In her role as Highland County humane agent, Williamson will be part of the Highland County Humane Society. “I am truly lucky to have a great support system here at the Highland County Humane Society and cannot thank them enough,” she said. “I would not be able to do this job without the Humane Society’s staff and my director’s support, and I know there is a lot to learn in this newly appointed position and I will be getting continuous training and knowledge as I go forward.”

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