Free renal panels, eye exams in March


In honor of National Kidney Month and Save Your Vision Month, the Highland County Health Department will be providing free renal (kidney) panels and referrals for free eye exams and glasses for those who qualify throughout the month of March.

Erin Mustard, director of nursing, emphasized the importance of kidney health, stating, “Kidneys play a vital role in keeping us healthy. They filter waste and extra fluid from our blood, help control blood pressure and produce hormones that regulate various body functions.”

A renal (kidney) panel is a simple blood draw that checks how well your kidneys are functioning.

Chronic kidney disease affects millions worldwide and can lead to serious problems if not treated early. But by catching issues early and taking preventive steps, we can lower the risk of kidney problems.

To be eligible for an eye exam and glasses voucher, individuals must have an annual income that is at or below the 200% federal poverty guidelines and must not have any other form of vision insurance.

If you’re interested in these services, reach out to the Highland County Health Department at 937-393-1941 or visit to schedule an appointment or learn more about eligibility.

Submitted by Shala Shupert, public health nurse, Highland County Health Department.

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