HHS boys 1st, girls 2nd at Washington Invite


WASHINGTON C.H. — The Hillsboro boys captured first place and the Hillsboro girls finished as runners-up Friday at the annual Washington High School Invitational.

The McClain girls finished third and the McClain boys finished seventh in the eight-team field.

Boys team scores were: Hillsboro 167, Zane Trace with 133, Washington 100, Logan Elm 65, Unioto 62, Circleville 47.5, McClain 47 and Grove City Christian with 34.5 points.

Girls team scores were: Circleville 145, followed by Hillsboro 132.5, McClain 121, Unioto 73.5, Logan Elm 51.5, Washington 49, Zane Trace 34.5 and Grove City Christian with 12 points.

Multiple meet records were broken.

Noah Fetters of Zane Trace broke the discus record with a throw of 162’4”. The previous record of 155’3” was held by Draven Stodgel of Hillsboro.

Caden Larue of Unioto broke the 2000-meter steeplechase record with a time of 6:49.00. The previous record of 6:49.71 was held by David Stukey of London.

The Hillsboro boys 4 x 800-meter relay team of Tate Davis, Ryan Howland, Chris Sowders and Corbin Winkle broke the record with a time of 8:38.10. The previous record of 8:44 was held by Zane Trace.

Faith Yancey of Circleville broke the 100-meter dash record with a time of 12.20. The previous record of 12.36 was held by Tanea Cousins of Chillicothe.

Mason Coffman of Washington broke the 100-meter dash record with a time of 10.80. The previous record of 11.12 was also held by Coffman.

Spencer Brower of Zane Trace broke the shot put record with a throw of 56’7”. The previous record of 51’7” was held by Draven Stodgel of Hillsboro.

Individual boys results:

Discus Throw — Jahari Pitts (HHS) 2nd, 143’7”; Ayden Clemons (HHS) 5th, 122’10”; Austin Ruddle (MHS) 9th, 110’9”; Andrew Roeder (MHS) 13th, 94’9”.

Long Jump — Collin Swackhammer (HHS) 4th, 17’7.5”; Aaron Dean (MHS) 7th, 16’9”; Ethan Eakins (MHS) 9th, 15’7.75”; Jack Wagoner (HHS) 10th, 15’2.5”.

110-meter hurdles — Kameron Evers (HHS) 5th, 19.41; Nathan Alvarez (MHS) 8th, 19.70; Nicolas Alvarez (MHS) 10th, 21.00.

100-meter dash — Jevin Hochstul (HHS) 2nd, 11.90; Mason Dumpert (HHS) 5th, 12.20; TD Matesic (MHS) 6th, 12.30.

1600-meter run — Corbin Winkle (HHS) 1st,4:47.20; Chris Sowders (HHS) 4th, 5:06.30; Jordan Lugo (MHS) 13th, 6:10.70.

4 x 100-meter relay — Jevin Hochstul, Michael Burns, Mason Dumpert, Keahi Mhanna (HHS) 2nd, 46.20; Aaron Dean, Cameron Medley, Nathan Alvarez, Keaton Beucler (MHS) 3rd, 48.40.

400-meter dash — TD Matesic (MHS) 2nd, 54.20; Austin Bledsoe (HHS) 3rd, 55.51; Cooper Swope (HHS) 5th, 55.91; Ethan Eakins (MHS) 10th, 1:02.30.

4 x 200-meter relay — Keahi Mhanna, Michael Burns, Mason Dumpert, Jevin Hochstul (HHS) 1st, 1:38.40; Aaron Dean, Cameron Medley, Ethan Eakins, TD Matesic (MHS) 5th, 1:46.00.

300-meter hurdles — Collin Swackhammer (HHS) 1st, 44.10; Kameron Evers (HHS) 3rd, 47.20; Nicolas Alvarez (MHS) 4th, 47.50; Nathan Alvarez (MHS) 11th, 53.30.

800-meter run — Ryan Howland (HHS) 1st, 2:08.00; Tate Davis (HHS) 2nd, 2:10.50; Zach Scales (MHS) 12th, 2:50.40.

200-meter dash — Cooper Swope (HHS) 3rd, 24.40; TD Matesic (MHS) 5th, 24.70; Michael Burns (HHS) 7th, 25.00; Keaton Beucler (MHS) 9th, 25.20.

3200-meter run — Corbin Winkle (HHS) 1st, 10:15.30; Rason Brunck (HHS) 3rd, 10:43.40.

4 x 400-meter relay — Austin Bledsoe, Tate Davis, Ryan Howland, Cooper Swope (HHS) 1st, 3:57.00; Ethan Eakins, Nicolas Alvarez, Keaton Beucler, TD Matesic (MHS) 3rd, 3:57.40.

High Jump — Mason Dumpert (HHS) 1st, 5’6”; Max Eikenberry (MHS) 3rd, 5’4”.

Shot Put — Ayden Clemons (HHS) 3rd, 44’8”; Austin Ruddle (MHS) 11th, 36’8.5”; Griffin Hawk (HHS) 12th, 36’4.5”; Jobe Lugo (MHS) 13th, 34’.5”.

4 x 800-meter relay — Tate Davis, Ryan Howland, Chris Sowders, Corbin Winkle (HHS) 1st, 8:38.10; Zach Scales, Jordan Lugo, Gunnar Bode, Brice Graham (MHS) 7th, 9:48.90.

Individual girls results:

Shot Put — Leah Lovett (MHS) 1st, 36’4”; Bailey Parsons (MHS) 2nd, 29’4”; Amani Cumberland (HHS) 4th, 26’7”; Reagan Leeth (HHS) 6th, 24’3”.

High Jump — Mylie Lovett (MHS) 1st, 4’8”; Anna Eikenberry (MHS) 3rd, 4’4”; Ramsey Haines (HHS) 4th, 4’4”; Chanel Captain (HHS) 5th, 4’4”.

200-meter steeplechase — Bree Bailey (HHS) 2nd; Allie Burgess (MHS) 6th; Elizabeth Sowders (HHS) 8th; Lillian Saunders (MHS) 10th.

100-meter hurdles — Brenna Wright (MHS) 1st, 16.60; Kobie Miles (HHS) 2nd, 16.80; Kamryn Asbury (HHS) 4th, 19.00.

100-meter dash — Luca Matesic (MHS) 3rd, 13.10; Katie Cook (MHS) 4th, 13.20; Allison Browning (HHS) 5th, 13.30; Chanel Captain (HHS) 7th, 13.51.

1600-meter run — Jailyn Williams (HHS) 3rd, 6:02; Arianna Evans (HHS) 6th, 6:32.40; Brooklyn Baldwin (MHS) 8th, 6:34.80; Sierra Barton (MHS) 10th, 7:14.60.

4 x 100-meter relay — Luca Matesic, Brenna Wright, Katie Cook, Kaitlyn Jett (MHS) 1st, 51.40; Alizeh Hudson, Elizabeth Sowders, Kelsey Gilkison, Allison Browning (HHS) 3rd, 54.80.

400-meter dash — Kaitlyn Jett (MHS) 2nd, 1:05.80; Olivia Covault (HHS) 3rd, 1:10.70; Josie Rhoades (HHS) 5th, 1:12.50.

4 x 200-meter relay — Meredith Dietrick, Chanel Captain, Kobie Miles, Olivia Covault (HHS) 1st, 1:52.60; Katie Cook, Larah Henson, Anna Eikenberry, Mylie Lovett (MHS) 3rd, 1:55.40

300-meter hurdles — Brenna Wright (MHS) 1st, 49.50; Kobie Miles (HHS) 2nd, 50.50; Kamryn Asbury (HHS) 5th, 54.13; Allie Burgess (MHS) 7th, 57.80.

800-meter run — Jailyn Williams (HHS) 3rd, 2:38.40; Bree Bailey (HHS) 5th, 2:49.10; Katrina Sturgeon (MHS) 7th, 2:57.10.

200-meter dash — Kaitlyn Jett (MHS) 2nd, 27.90; Olivia Covault (HHS) 4th, 28.30; Luca Matesic (MHS) 5th, 28.50; Meredith Dietrick (HHS) 8th, 29.80.

3200-meter run — Ramsey Haines (HHS) 4th, 14:14.40; Kennedy Sexton (HHS) 6th, 14:56.30.

4 x 400-meter relay — Bree Bailey, Jailyn Williams, Kobie Miles, Olivia Covault (HHS) 2nd, 4:23.30; Kaitlyn Jett, Anna Eikenberry, Renae Wright, Becca Bergstrom (MHS) 3rd, 4:24.50.

Long Jump — Luca Matesic (MHS) 2nd, 15’2”; Gracie Thoroman (HHS) 4th, 14’8”; Larah Henson (MHS) 5th, 14’7”; Allison Browning (HHS) 7th, 14’6.5”.

Discus Throw — Leah Lovett (MHS) 3rd, 100’7”; Bailey Parsons (MHS) 5th, 87’7”; Amani Cumberland (HHS) 7th, 80’7”; Reagan Leeth (HHS) 13th, 64’8”.

4 x 800-meter relay — Taylor Thoroman, Ramsey Haines, Arianna Evans, Jailyn Williams (HHS) 2nd, 11:16.40; Brooklyn Baldwin, Sierra Barton, Reese Roble, Karlee McGlone (MHS) 7th, 12:53.20.

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