World champions


Local athletes from Inspire Training Center (ITC) near Hillsboro earned gold, triumphing at the prestigious All Star World Championship, the world’s largest all-star cheerleading competition held in Orlando, Florida.

Among 1,663 competing teams and more than 24,000 all-star athletes worldwide, ITC Team Eclipse emerged as the 2024 World Champion Junior Level 4.2 team, claiming the coveted gold medal.

Guided by coaches Mallori Johansen and Jenna Coleman, Team Eclipse demonstrated exceptional skill and determination throughout the competition. “My coach heart is so happy,” said Johansen. “The tears have been flowing. I have been coaching some of these kids for over five years, and watching our small gym athletes in this moment has been something I have never experienced. Small towns know what hard work and dedication is, and I truly believe that is why we are the 2024 ASW Champions.”

Teams earned bids through tough competitions spanning October to March, showcasing their talent and dedication at every step. ITC had two elite teams, Twilight and Eclipse, qualifying to represent ITC at Worlds this year.

“Our teams headed to Florida ranked in the top ten from their combined competition scores during the season,” said Johansen. “Twilight ranked number seven in the 2024 National Rankings for all Elite Youth Level 2 Teams in the world. Level 2 is one of the most competitively crowded levels with over 200 teams. Eclipse ranked first in the 2024 National Rankings for all Junior Level 4.2 teams. This ranking earned them a paid bid, which was a huge reward for their performance throughout the season.”

At the All Star World Championship, held in front of more than 50,000 spectators, both Twilight and Eclipse showcased their skills. While Twilight made it to the finalists round on Day 2 and placed 32nd out of 80 plus teams, Eclipse clinched the top spot, solidifying their status as the 2024 World Champion Junior Level 4.2 Extra Small Team.

“We are so proud of Twilight for making it to day two,” said Johansen. “This is such a huge accomplishment. These athletes showed us how important it is to put in the hard work and dedication all season long. They are helping us build a small gym legacy. This team holds the highest score record in the gym and that’s always something to be proud of.”

Becki Crum, owner of Inspire Training Center, emphasized the holistic approach to training. “Through teaching fundamentals of this sport, our athletes also learn important life skills they will take with them beyond our program,” she said. “Competitive cheerleading at ITC isn’t just about winning titles; it’s about nurturing individuals who embody teamwork, discipline and resilience.”

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