Cincinnati Reds hit rock bottom


The last week of Reds baseball has nearly been unwatchable. I’ve never turned a Reds game off, but I was very close on Sunday as the Reds continued one of the worst offensive droughts in their history. The good news is that it can’t get any worse (if it can, I will have to start a new Netflix series).

Players like CES, Benson and Candelario are massively under performing, while players like Thompson, Martini, Maile and Fairchild do not belong on a big-league roster. The Reds are now batting, collectively as a team .209, which statistically makes them the worst offensive team in all of baseball (Woof). It’s been the pitching year after year and finally when the pitching staff is dominant, the offense decides to make every pitcher look like a Cy Young winner.

I believe the Reds will turn it around, but drastic times should result in drastic measures. The front office butchered the Mike Ford handling, but now they really need to make some roster moves before they lose attendance at Great American Ballpark. Higgins, Capel or Dunn should be on this roster and if they go 0-20 then they have completed the same thing that Nick Martini completed over his tenure with this team. There is literally zero risk of trying someone new at DH. Two home runs on opening day and I remember people being glad he was on the roster and not Joey Votto, Yikes! At least Cincinnati would’ve picked up the bats on the dugout floor and maybe Votto could be hitting .220 with six home runs for this team.

Isn’t it sad how .220 sounds good at this point in the season? Even Kirk Herbstreit is giving up on this roster and he is one of the biggest Reds fans in the nation. While it has been a very bad week, stay with this team and help them tread water until Friedl, Marte and McLain return. It’s a long season and staying at .500 baseball until July could be enough to go on a run and make the playoffs with a healthy roster. Let the marathon continue.

Positive note

On a more positive note, Cincinnati is only two games back from .500 baseball with a winnable series against the Diamondbacks and a winnable series against the Giants approaching. This would; however, require something called hits and runs to occur though. Pitching has continued to be dominant for this ball club with Greene, Abbott, Lodolo and Ashcraft improving every outing. Montas returns this week and should help with relieving Martinez of his starting duties and giving him a relief role that he throws much better out of. Cincinnati also has Brandon Williamson making a minor-league rehab appearance this week, along with Rhett Lowder shining, who could be on a fast-track to the big leagues should he be needed this year. He is the 31st top prospect in all of baseball per MLB Pipeline. The seventh overall pick of the 2023 draft should be a great addition when that times comes.

What happened to Spencer Steer and Will Benson?

Steer began the year looking like a possible MVP candidate and quickly has fallen way back at the plate. He is seven for his last 51, along with 14 strikeouts. I think Steer is the most consistent hitter on this team with McLain out and I truly believe he has just caught the contagious slump bug that is just going around the dugout. Steer will be just fine.

Will Benson, however, might be a different story. He is batting .195 and is tied for second for the most strikeouts in baseball at 50 (Only two behind Schwarber). While he wanted to be an everyday batter, he is batting .138 against left handed pitching this season and simply isn’t an option against lefties. Benson is one of the most fun and energetic players on this roster, but his time over the last few weeks has certainly not went in his favor of ever being an everyday lefty. I am rooting for Will to turn it around, as there isn’t a nicer guy in baseball. A true class act.

Batting woes

CES – .195 BA

Will Benson – .195 BA

Jeimer Candelario – .190 BA

Nick Martini – .177 BA

Santiago Espinal – .169 BA

Stuart Fairchild – .179 BA

Luke Maile – .146 BA (Not an MLB contending backup catcher)

Bubba Thompson – .111 BA (Love his speed, but he shouldn’t be on the roster)

When you look at it this way, its remarkable that this team is even close to .500 baseball.

Personal note

I hate a negative column, but it is truly needed. This is rock bottom, but when a few key pieces return this team is capable of getting back to causing chaos on the bases and scoring runs. By next week, I hope to be writing about the miraculous turnaround and a winning streak for our beloved Redlegs.

On a personal positive note this week, I was able to complete my master’s degree this week from Ohio Christian University while celebrating with my newborn son. This year has been the best year of my life and the Reds will turn it around soon to add to this awesome year. Go Reds!

Matthew McAdow is a Peebles resident. He works in human resources in the nuclear industry and has been an avid Cincinnati fan his entire life. He is an Ohio Christian University graduate and has always enjoyed giving an honest opinion on multiple topics regarding Cincinnati sports.

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