Winter athletic divisions announced


The Ohio High School Athletic Association has announced the preliminary divisional breakdowns and regional tournament representation for the 2024-25 winter sports postseason tournaments.

The OHSAA Board of Directors approved the new divisions and tournament representation for all winter sports except wrestling at its April board meeting, which included the previously announced fall sports divisions. Wrestling will be announced June 10 pending board approval.

The divisional assignments and regional tournament representation should be considered preliminary, as OHSAA member schools may opt to move up to Division I if Referendum Issue 1B passes this spring. Results of the referendum voting will be announced May 16. Any changes to divisional assignments or tournament representation as a result of schools opting up to Division I will be announced by the OHSAA at a later date.

As announced last February, girls and boys basketball will expand to seven divisions next season, with the largest 64 schools placed in Division I, the next 64 largest schools placed in Division II, and the remaining schools divided as equally as possible into the other divisions.

Earlier this spring, the OHSAA received base enrollment data, comprised of students in grades 9, 10 and 11 as of October 2023, from the Ohio Department of Education to use for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years. During the winter season, girls and boys basketball utilizes competitive balance data from the previous season to create a new adjusted enrollment count. Details of the competitive balance process are available at:

Following are the division assignments for Highland County schools, along with the number of students the OHSAA used to determine the respective divisions:

Girls Basketball

(7 divisions)

McClain, D4, 228

Hillsboro, D4, 227

Lynchburg-Clay, D6, 121

Fairfield, D6, 112

Whiteoak, D7 67

Boys Basketball

(7 divisions)

Hillsboro, D4, 270

McClain, D4, 209

Lynchburg-Clay, D6, 143

Fairfield, D7, 84

Whiteoak, D7, 78

Girls Bowling

(2 divisions)

McClain, D1, 228

Hillsboro, D1, 227

Lynchburg-Clay, D2, 121

Fairfield, D2, 112

Whiteoak, D2, 67

Boys Bowling

(2 divisions)

Hillsboro, D1, 270

McClain, D2, 209

Lynchburg-Clay, D2, 143

Fairfield, D2, 84

Whiteoak, D2, 78

Girls Swimming

(2 divisions)

McClain, D2, 228

Hillsboro, D2, 227

Boys Swimming

(2 divisions)

Hillsboro, D2, 270

McClain, D2, 209

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