Greenfield holds special meeting


A special meeting of the Greenfield Village Council was held Monday to discuss setting a special election date based on the certification from the Highland County Board of Elections and a report of the council’s finance committee, and to consider pending legislation.

A resolution authorizing and directing the city manager to salvage old railroad tracks owned by the village as personal property not needed for municipal use and to use funds received from the salvage to pay for the village’s 225th anniversary celebration was passed during the meeting.

“We’re having a 225th year celebration, and those tracks cannot be used,” said Greenfield Village Council Chairman Phil Clyburn. “You can’t run a train on them, and they’re just sitting and rusting away, and we’re going to use those to help fund that event.”

The proposal for a potential purchase of a trolley was voted down. “We’re not going to pursue the trolley,” said Clyburn. “The thought on the trolley was that a downtown organization would take care of the trolley.”

The council voted unanimously to move forward with the creation of a human resources position for the village. “I think we’re going to go ahead and advertise that and see what happens,” said Clyburn. “I think we’re looking at maybe 30 hours part-time.”

A meeting of the council’s ordinance committee also held to discuss water policy modifications for the village.

“We made some recommendations, and then I sent those on to our law director for her to go over and put into an ordinance, and then hopefully we’re going to be bringing that forward to the full council on Monday night, and then we will be voting on it,” said Brenda Losey, the committee chair. “I would probably just rather wait until Monday night, and then you can see what we’ve recommended at that time.”

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