Garden club’s first meeting of year


The Hillsboro Garden Club held its first meeting of 2023 on March 28 at the Kathryn Zane Granger Floral Hall on the Highland County Fairgrounds. After vice president Lynn Luman called the meeting to order, members stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance and then sang “God Bless America” led by Ed Davis.

The roll call question: “What new plant varieties are you going to plant this year?” was answered by 15 members and one guest. A number of members are undecided on this matter.

The minutes of the November 2022 meeting were accepted as read by secretary Jennifer West. Treasurer Ruth Anna Duff gave the financial report. Ten club members will be attending the Region 16 Spring Meeting in April. Duff informed the members of topics to be covered at the meeting. The Hillsboro club will not have a sales table this time.

Marilyn Hiestand distributed a list of possible tours the club could take. Duff mentioned a current flower show in Lancaster which will run through April 23.

Nancy Baldwin reported on the 2023 Highland County Fair. This year’s theme is to be “Through the Looking Glass.” She has mailed the information to the fair board for inclusion in the fair book.

Baldwin also distributed information on three creative flower designs, the Spatial Thrust, the Spiral, and the Stretch. She displayed an example of the Stretch design for viewing. This uses two similar containers where one is smaller and appears to have been pulled away from the other by tension using a connective line of straight-line material.

Andrea Schneider displayed daffodils from her yard in a beautiful vase.

Luman informed members of upcoming events around the state. The local YMCA is looking for volunteers to help with a butterfly garden at Harmony Lake.

The meeting was then adjourned.

While enjoying a delicious dessert, Luman instructed the members on flowers that will attract butterflies. There are two types — host plants that butterflies lay their eggs on, and nectar plants which provide food for adult butterflies.

The next meeting will be on April 25 and the program will be the Spring Plant and Garden-related Items Auction. Gardeners are welcome.

Submitted by Jennifer West, Hillsboro Garden Club.

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