Home health aides needed


The Area Agency on Aging District 7 (AAA7) needs your help and so do your neighbors who are older or living with a disability. Do you know a graduating high school senior that will be looking for summer or immediate employment or a stay-at- home parent that wants to keep their foot in the door of the workforce? Maybe you or someone you know is a recent retiree and would like some part-time work. If any of these scenarios apply to you or someone you know, please consider becoming a Home Health Aide.

Currently, the aging and disability network is in a crisis all across the state of Ohio due to a workforce shortage. In the AAA7’s 10-county area, there are approximately 200 individuals that qualify for in-home services going without home care in their home. Our homecare providers simply do not have enough home care workers to provide these needed services and individuals are being placed on a waiting list as a result. I worry about how much longer these at-risk individuals can wait until they will need to leave the comfort of their own home due to a lack of care.

So often, people think of nursing facilities when they think of working in the medical field as a caregiver; however, there is an entirely different world of medical caregiving through home health. Working in home health is a great field to consider if you are considering furthering your education in the medical field. This type of work is great for those who want flexibility in hours. As a Home Health Aide, you work with one patient at a time, and can focus your undivided attention on their needs, working independently with supervision and support from your employer. If you value independence and autonomy, home health is for you!

In addition to all of the above points, the connections made with those you care for and the purposefulness of the work cannot be overstated. Most people served through home health are so thankful to have someone in their home meeting their needs and take comfort in knowing they can stay in their home where they choose to be.

Home Health Aide positions are great for those wanting to build their career in the medical field and can be a great experience for those interested in nursing. Recent retirees, we need your help! Your skills gleaned from previous employment and life experience can be used to assist others. Some of the best home health aides I have ever known have been older workers.

Home Health Aides are needed in our community. If this opportunity interests you, please reach out to the AAA7 at [email protected] or call 800-582-7277, extension 22252 to learn more.

Melissa Dever is the executive director of the Area Agency on Aging District 7.

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