Greenfield’s own Poole featured at music festival


The main attraction on Saturday, June 3 at the new Greenfield Musical Festival will be the town’s own Sean Poole and his band Buckin’ Krazy from 6-8 p.m.

“Poole & Buckin’ Krazy are a dynamic country music group that has carved out a unique niche in the world of country and Southern rock,” a festival news release said. “Fronted by the charismatic Sean Poole, a talented singer and songwriter known for his soulful baritone and compelling storytelling, the band embodies the spirit of small-town America with a sound that is raw, authentic and deeply resonant. Sean’s knack for crafting lyrics that speak to the heart and soul of everyday experiences has earned him a loyal fan base, who resonate with his powerful narratives of love, loss and life in the American Midwest.”

His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry. In the past year he was featured in Nashville Voyager Magazine, a prominent platform showcasing the most inspiring stories from the Nashville community. Furthermore, his vocal prowess has led him to be nominated for several prestigious awards. He’s currently in the running for six International Red Carpet Awards in Holland and the highly-coveted Josie Music Award for Male Vocalist of the Year for Traditional Country, further highlighting his contribution to the music scene.

His love of singing started at the age of 5 when he used to sing along to records with his mom, and he learned to play guitar at age 9 when he got his first guitar. He began singing in public at age 21, as soon as he was old enough to appear in local clubs.

​Poole performs a wide variety of songs, but his roots run deep in traditional country.

​His love of music took him to Nashville, where he performed at Tootsies, The Stage, and Legends, in 2002, before deciding to return home to watch his daughter grow up.

He currently has more than 100 shows booked for 2023 and can be found singing almost every week; solo or with his band.

The band, Buckin’ Krazy, brings an unmatched energy and musical prowess that perfectly complements Poole’s vocals. Composed of seasoned musicians who are masters of their craft, Buckin’ Krazy adds a mix of honky-tonk, classic rock and blues influences to the traditional country foundation, creating a sound that’s as eclectic as it is engaging, the news release said.

Their live performances are a testament to their passion and dedication to their craft, delivering high-energy shows that get audiences on their feet and leave them wanting more. Whether playing in their local Ohio venues or touring across the country, according to the release, Sean Poole & Buckin’ Krazy are known for their compelling performances that blend heartfelt ballads with rousing anthems.

“Driven by the motto ‘Music straight from the heartland,’ Sean Poole & Buckin’ Krazy are not just a band — they’re a testament to the enduring spirit and rich musical heritage of the American Midwest. Their music embodies the stories and experiences that shape this part of the world, making them a favorite among fans of country music and beyond.

“As they continue to evolve and grow, their dedication to their roots remains unwavering, promising more great music in the years to come. Their recent recognition and nominations are only the beginning for this talented group from Greenfield, Ohio.”

Information for this story came from the Greenfield Music Festival Committee.

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