Paycheck’s son in town for Greenfield festival


The legacy of traditional country music carries on this weekend as John Paycheck, the gifted son of country music legend Johnny Paycheck, is set to return to his father’s hometown of Greenfield during the new Greenfield Music Festival on June 3.

Proudly carrying on his father’s legacy while also establishing his unique style within the country music landscape, John Paycheck’s visit to Greenfield holds a special significance. His journey marks not just a return to the geographical roots of his family, but also to the spiritual home of the music that has been part of his life since birth.

Paycheck will be hosting a special meet-and-greet session at Small Town Fitness from 2-3 p.m. on the patio. Fans will have an opportunity to interact with him personally, ask questions and create memories. This event offers the community a chance to connect with Paycheck on a deeper level, appreciating the man behind the music.

Adding to the festive spirit, Paycheck will honor his father’s legacy by serving as the grand marshal of the parade at 4 pm. This symbolic act celebrates the rich history of country music in Greenfield, a town that has produced some of the genre’s most influential figures.

During his visit, Paycheck will bring along CDs and photos, giving fans an opportunity to own a piece of the historic occasion. This gesture reinforces his commitment to his fans and the music community, ensuring that the echoes of traditional country music continue to resonate in Greenfield and beyond.

“The Greenfield Music Festival invites all lovers of country music and the local community to join us on this momentous day,” a news release from the festival committee said. “Come, share in the legacy, meet a legend in the making, and pay homage to a history that has shaped a genre. We look forward to celebrating this unique day of music, nostalgia and community spirit.

“John Paycheck continues the legacy of his father, Johnny Paycheck, a traditional country music icon known for his heartfelt storytelling and soulful voice. The younger Paycheck’s deep respect for his musical roots and his fresh approach to the genre create a captivating sound that both preserves and innovates country music tradition.”

The Greenfield Music Festival celebrates the rich musical heritage of Greenfield. The festival features local and international musicians, pays homage to past musical legends, and introduces audiences to fresh talent, securing the legacy of Greenfield as a vital force in the world of country music.

Information for this story was provided by Andrew Surritt III, festival chair.

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