Why no ‘straight’ pride month


I would like to know who has jurisdiction over Liberty Park and allows any “movement?”

Most movements are not family friendly. They carry narcissistic tendencies followed by chaos.

Most straight Americans do not care if gays have the same sexual partners. What they don’t like is their behavior carried out in front of their children — exactly what happened at Liberty Park.

Most Americans don’t care about “Trans” as long as they leave the biological females alone, which they managed to block the women’s restroom, saying it’s for both.

And since when are indecent exposure and lewd behavior in public not against the law?

Drag queens. Why aren’t these oversized (some), heavy bearded men working, taking care care of their families, instead of destroying family values?

Mr. Bailey, it’s not only the gay youths that have considered suicide. Today’s society causes straight youths to commit suicide due to bullying in schools. Condoms? I can express my view on that but I don’t think it would be printed.

Americans, especially the older generation, are afraid to say anything about the gays and other members in the group due to being called racists, bigots or for fear of retaliation so the movement continues on.

And one last thing — why isn’t there a “straight” pride month?

Darlene Ferree


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