Two found unresponsive in Hillsboro


Two men were found unresponsive Monday in what the Hillsboro Police Department believes was a case of carbon monoxide exposure.

Christopher Fisher, 41, of Wilmington, and Donald Webber, 37, of Moraine, were found unresponsive around 11 a.m. Monday at 312 W. Walnut St. in Hillsboro after officers from the Hillsboro Police Department and Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District responded to a 911 call that was dispatched from the Highland County Sheriff’s Office.

“It was suspected that it was an accident with carbon monoxide exposure from a generator where they are doing construction on the house,” said Sgt. Aaron Reynolds of the Hillsboro Police Department. “So, we don’t believe there is any criminal activity that took place there, and it was just an accidental exposure to carbon monoxide.”

The two men were transported from the scene of the accident to Highland District Hospital by the Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District.

“Until the hospital or family or they come back and say that’s what it was, we don’t really know,” said Reynolds. “There was no indication that it was a drug-induced issue or anything criminal in that manner. Everything leads us to believe it was from a generator that was running inside the residence — poorly ventilated and just overexposure to carbon monoxide.”

Reynolds said he does not foresee the incident turning into any type of criminal investigation.

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