Vote no on Issue 1


I am voting against Issue 1 because it would permit the intentional killing of human beings. It is that simple.

But some may say they do not share my opinion, that they are not sure that an unborn fetus is a human being. That does not make any difference. They still need to vote “no.”

The necessity of this can be seen from the following scenario: Suppose you are in the woods hunting for deer. You hear rustling and see movement in a bush but you cannot see what is causing it. You conclude that it is either a deer or a human being. Would it be moral to shoot into the bush without knowing? Of course not. The situation of not knowing whether an unborn fetus is a human being is the same.

The only circumstance under which you could vote for Issue 1 is if you are sure that an unborn fetus is not a human being. And how could you be sure?

Patrick Hornschemeier


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