Note no on Issue 1


To all Ohio voters in the Nov. 7 election. A constitutional amendment is on the ballot. Vote “no” on Issue 1.

The Highland County Republican central and executive committees have endorsed a “no” vote on Issue 1.

In case you haven’t heard, Ohio has been targeted by the abortion industry and the out of state proponents are bringing in millions of dollars to get this passed. But the bottom line is this — unborn babies through nine months of a pregnancy could be aborted — killed before/at birth. Late-term abortions are painful and senseless. We are a nation that values life in many different forms, so why kill babies? In addition, parental rights for children would be taken away! Abortions performed on children could be done without their parent’s knowledge or consent!

You have a choice. Protect the unborn. Make your voice heard. Vote “no” on Issue 1.

You can vote early now or go to the polls Nov. 7. Please vote.

Paulette Donley

Executive chair

Highland Co. Republican Party

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