Serpent Mound Spring Peace Summit


The Serpent Mound Star Knowledge New Moon, Solar Eclipse Spring Peace Summit offers four days of ceremony with indigenous elders, musical experiences through song and drumming, workshops, presentations and other spiritually transformative opportunities. It takes place from Friday evening, April 5 to Monday, April 8.

The hours are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday through Monday and evening only on Friday at Woodland Altars, 33200 S.R. 41, Peebles.

The solar eclipse represents a powerful time of healing. The alignment of the sun, moon and earth represents the dissolving of differences and the coming together as one — all nations, all races, all our relations. Internationally known speakers, elders, peace activists and wisdom keepers will share their knowledge, inspire change and offer many opportunities to experience life through new eyes, seen from all perspectives while bringing greater understanding, compassion, peace and love for all.

Presenters include Jennifer Black Elk, descendant of Chief Red Cloud; Nicholas Black Elk; Nikki Zephier (Standing Elk Good Woman) and daughter of deceased Chief Golden Light Eagle; Barbara Viitale, grandmother Blue Star Woman; Taino elder Miguel Sague Jr.; star knowledge discussions and more. Over 40 presentations will be included during the peace summit.

Vendors and artists who offer one-of-a-kind jewelry, drums, flutes, medicine bags, healing tools and crystals will be at the event. Tickets are $44 for a single day or $88 for the full peace summit and children are admitted for free. Tickets may be purchased at the gate or in advance at . Cash is best during the gathering as the electromagnetic anomalies in the area sometimes affect WiFi. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own eclipse glasses.

Visit the Facebook event at A third source of information is at Several workshops have a suggested love offering of $25 each, but otherwise the admission includes all other programs.

Information about securing a vendor booth or alternative accommodations can be found on the event page. Only service animals will be permitted. No other pets will be allowed. A food vendor will be on-site with vegan and omnivore choices throughout the event.

The Woodland Altars Appalachian location is a scenic retreat which is just a few miles from the Serpent Mound. The Serpent Mound is on an ancient sea bed centered in a 320-million-year-old meteor impact crater. It is the only place on earth where a meteor has hit a fault line and is filled with ancient connections and history. It is the largest surviving example of a prehistoric effigy mound in the world.

Submitted by Debbie Keri-Brown.

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