‘65 fair officials, Dog Days Sale, park contribution


Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1940, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that the frame building between the Murray Co. Chapel and the Greenfield Auto Co. building on Jefferson Street was planned to be demolished in order to build a “modern” one-story brick front business building.

The Inter-County Rural Electric Co-Op, Hillsboro, was given $146,000 by the Rural Electric Administration to build around 100 miles of electrical carrier lines extending east and south of Bainbridge, giving about 350 to 400 homes electrical service.

John Z. Driver, the manager of the Greenfield Telephone Company since 1930, announced that he planned to resign from the position to move to become a Kentucky plant engineer for the Associated Public Utilities which operated around 50,000 telephone stations in eight states.

One of Greenfield’s “best-known trees,” a large maple that was located at the northwest corner of the town hall, was removed on the advice of “tree-men” for safety.

In sports, Coach Gerald “Red” Armstrong, the McClain High School athletic director, announced that he planned to leave the school for the week to enroll in a coaching school at the University of West Virginia.

The Rand Theatre, located in Greenfield, advertised multiple films, including “Sandy is a Lady,” starring Baby Sandy, Billy Lenhart, Kenneth Brown and Eugene Pallette, and “Murder in the Air,” starring Ronald Reagan, John Litel and Lya Lys.

The Famous Store advertised multiple products, including three dozen jar rubbers for 11 cents, white plates for 6 cents, suitcases for 59 cents and up, a pound of orange slices for 8 cents and white cups for 5 cents.

This week in 1965, The Press-Gazette reported that the Ohio Department of Highways announced that it planned to renew its offer to take over the county infirmary road from S.R. 124 to S.R. 753 and turn it into a state highway.

The Ohio Cooperative Extension Services established an area office in Hillsboro that planned to service Adams, Brown, Highland, Ross, Pike and Scioto counties.

The superintendents and officials were announced for the 1965 version of the Highland County Fair, with some of the directors including Carl Wallace, Carey Roberts and Joe Duncan, with some of the honorary board members including Clarence Larkin, Hugh Turner and Edgar Fawley.

Donations were opened for a repair effort for the Hillsboro City Park, with a “major contribution” of $1,000 given to Dick Shaffer, chairman of the city recreation commission, by Vernon Fairley, president of the Hillsboro Community Improvement Association.

In sports, the Wilknit Little League team hailing from Greenfield won the Highland County Little League Tournament title thanks to the team’s win over the Hillsboro Rotary Club by a score of 1-0, headlined by a perfect no-hitter by Paul Howland.

Chakere’s Colony Theatre, located in Hillsboro, advertised multiple films, including “The Family Jewels,” starring Jerry Lewis and Sebastion Cabot, and “Crack in the World,” starring Dana Andrews and Janette Scott.

Albers Supermarkets advertised multiple products, including a one-pound package of bacon for 69 cents, two heads of lettuce for 29 cents, a “giant box” of Tide for 73 cents and a regular bar of Lava soap for 13 cents apiece.

This week in 1990, The Press-Gazette reported that E.J. Thomas, Ohio state representative and executive director of Ohioans Against Casino Gambling, was in Hillsboro to explain why he thought the passing of Issue 3, the legalization of legal gambling, was a big mistake.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction sent a report regarding the Highland County Jail and “commended” Sheriff Tom Horst and staff for their efforts in working to upgrade the facility in areas of “force, restraint and telephone usage by prisoners.”

The Annual Dog Days Sale was finalized for Aug. 17-18 by the Business and Professional Association, with the event planned to be held at the front of area uptown businesses and around the Highland County Courthouse area.

Three Lynchburg teenagers were arrested and charged by the Highland County Sheriff’s Department following an investigation into the burglary of a Lynchburg residence.

In sports, Grant Owens and Adam McGinnis, both 13, returned from the University of Indiana after having attended the Bob Knight Basketball Camp held at Bloomington, Indiana.

Chakere’s Colony Theatre, located in Hillsboro, advertised multiple films including “The Jungle Book,” starring Jim Cummings and Jeanne Elias, and “Die Hard 2,” starring Bruce Willis and Bonnie Bedelia.

Jerry Haag Motors, located at 1475 North High St. in Hillsboro, advertised multiple vehicles, including a 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup for $7,188 and a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice for $14,899.

This week in 2015, The Times-Gazette reported that around 160 county employees, 300 employees of the Hillsboro City School District as well as others insured by United Healthcare had the possibility of being impacted when 20 local doctors were no longer a part of the commercial United Healthcare network.

A Hillsboro man was facing charges of “allegedly” causing damage to an area under construction on Carl Smith Drive after crashing into what was being called a roundabout.

The Highland County Sheriff’s Office “seized” more than 1,000 marijuana plants and “conducted” two search warrants following law enforcement officials flying over the county looking for growing operations.

A fire destroyed a barn on S.R. 73 south of Hillsboro late Friday night, as no injuries or livestock were reported, with owner Frank Schoolcraft saying that he built the barn himself 15 years prior.

Town and Country, Inc., located at 838 S. High St. in Hillsboro, advertised a Browning BPS Camo 12-gauge for $759.99, a Savage MKII 22 LR for $179.99 and a Henry H001L for $299.99.

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